After the retail business needs safety and season

every year in any one of the shops there will always be a few months of the operating season, however, the end of the season is often ushered in the off-season. How to manage the store in this off-season. In this small series suggested that the retail season after the operation of the need for safety and implementation, morale, will allow the store to be able to protect the business, and then in the next season to earn profits.

in the county of Lianshui Suguo supermarket interview, third floor department store manager Wang Ming told reporters, "51" is a rare holiday sales season in a year, this time due to the high volume of sales, also brought increased intensity of labor. This period of time, but we are y engaged in sales, grab a rare opportunity to sell this year. But after the peak season, with sales down, sales staff tend to relax. In this way, not only is not conducive to sales, but also affect the store’s business image, which requires us to give them a quick boost morale.

we have to seize the two points to do the ideological work of employees: first, a sense of crisis, two is the sweetness.

peak season sales, off-season market, has become the main means of peer competition. There are many retail customers once the season is over, there is to give yourself a holiday "and" lazy "sexual psychology, once he recovered, someone has been far behind them, then be too late. So, in this period of time after the season, Suguo supermarket crisis education on staff, because of the impact of the financial crisis, although the benefit of the supermarket is affected, but we have no layoffs, nor change the welfare of all employees.

if this is the case, in the off-season sales period, we do not maintain a good market, good service to consumers, take a passive way, it is easy to be rivals to seize our space, take advantage of a weak point, and return to God, it’s too late. At that time, the effectiveness of the decline in the supermarket, the supermarket or staff for us, is not good news.

in the daily work, crisis education is indispensable, but can not only punish not award, the sweetness of the performance of the appropriate adjustment incentives. We have a lot of stores, a season is desperately trying to increase wages to employees, but one to the off-season reluctant to just want to run the horse, but also do not want to eat grass". But in the process, let the staff know: the off-season is not nothing to do business, also hope to have more off-season business, in order to retain customers in the off-season, our sales staff to the very important role, in which this time, if the opponent does not do, we do, can expand the market space for employees more professional.

After the

season, a lot of shops are easy to relax down, which is in fact very undesirable, after all, this is the long-term development of the store is very unfavorable. Wang Li, manager of the new rural supermarket also told reporters that, in fact, the off-season market

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