Hezhou Party organizations adhere to the six standard

new rural construction in swing, in many places have made more outstanding achievements, many people optimistic. In recent years, the Guilin in Hezhou city of innovation of rural governance mode in the construction of grassroots party organization to lead the integration of resources as the starting point, to natural villages as a unit, with independent participation based on mechanisms for the protection of innovation, integration and grassroots party building, the construction of the beautiful countryside, Guangxi poverty alleviation depth, put forward "six" standards.

what is "six have"? There is a strong grass-roots party organizations, a sound mechanism, villager autonomy has a beautiful living environment, there is a perfect public service platform, a complete entertainment places, there is a strong humanistic atmosphere.

Hezhou municipal Party committee secretary Li Hongqing said, in accordance with the six standard, Hezhou conducted a scientific orientation, planning ahead. Jointly set up a rural community in a number of natural village population aggregation, similar customs nature village construction alone or nearby, clear the city’s annual plan in 150 rural communities construction tasks, requirements to each administrative village in 2020 at least 1 or more mature construction of new rural communities.

at present, Hezhou has been built above the county level rural demonstration community has built a government public service center (station), to achieve the village of small things out of the community, the event can not go through the township. And in each community in a different and a police information officer, a mediator to realize three-dimensional conflict investigation and information acquisition precision, regular law preaching and serve the masses grid, dispute mediation, public order timely professional.

six standard, can better guide the party members to carry out the work, to win the attention of countless people, and better product quality. In the process of planning and construction of the new rural community, Hezhou has established four mechanisms, namely, the party building leadership, the resource integration, the prize incentive and the social participation, and has formed a strong work force. Guilin Hezhou Municipal Committee, organization department minister Liao Liyong said, adhere to the party’s construction and the construction of a new type of ecological community in rural areas, to break the traditional model of the establishment of the party organization as an administrative village.

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