Even if the purchase of the property market in Wuhan is still precarious the whole

in Wuhan last year, prices rose too fast, many people did not buy a house, and later Wuhan out of the purchase of the policy, until today, it was found that the contradiction between supply and demand are not resolved. Last year, Wuhan property buyers want to stride forward singing militant songs, grab a Yaohao from all eligible racking his head, now, this phenomenon is greatly improved.

last year, the central area of Optics Valley downtown, Optics Valley East real estate housing shortage "take advantage of a fire. In August last year, working in Wuhan Jingzhou people Mr. he rushed to the Hubei Olympic Sports Center, ready to participate in the Optics Valley real estate from the east. Unexpectedly, the scene did not receive funding, property consultant said that more than and 300 houses had one thousand people identified, "you could look for a relation to raise qualification, may not be able to shake to no.."

then, he repeatedly removed in East Optics Valley, four new, baisazhou just need real estate and other concentrated area, but it is a property consultant did not inform him in funding, or is not shake. This phenomenon is very common in the purchase of credit limit policy introduced.

in the second half of last year, Wuhan has introduced the purchase of the property market limit credit policy to regulate the market supply and demand. At the end of December last year, in the road in the vicinity of a sale price, several successful purchase of the public told reporters, before that it is difficult to raise Kanpan Yaohao results, but they chose to beyond all expectations, the real price to below expectations.

insiders told AFP reporters in Wuhan, with a few degrees of overweight restriction policy, many people especially foreigners lose qualified buyers in the purchase area of real estate has changed off, Yaohao strategy, therefore, have qualified buyers to raise public Yaohao easier.

last year, a lot of real estate projects in Wuhan inventory tight hand phenomenon, so that people are very concerned about the property market in Wuhan. The contradiction between the supply and demand of the property market in Wuhan still exists, especially in the central area of the city supporting mature areas, with the development of land can be reduced, the property market supply and the current situation is expected to not ideal, exacerbated the tension between supply and demand.

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