How to retain customers with

any shop, only to retain customers, so that the store business can be developed, will have a good future development. And now, the Spring Festival sales season has come to an end, the 2016 inventory of the first golden week harvest and feelings, just experienced the baptism of war, the retail industry may have a taste in the heart. After a great deal of joy to have it, empty on a chicken feather depressed who have it, let nature take its course, not sad not happy also. For me, the biggest harvest of the Spring Festival sales season is not how much money earned, but in actual combat to see their own as a small and medium enterprises in the current pattern of the gap and shortage.

the 26th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the morning after the door, customers in a continuous line. A ride in the Honda business car, well-dressed middle-aged man went straight to the counter after entering the shop, looking at a variety of packaged tea gift hesitate.

"boss, what kind of tea do you like? A new gold Junmei, Tieguanyin, Anji white tea shop……" If bungled opportunities, I quickly dropped everything to recommend.

How about "

" gold Junmei "? What price?" Customer tone revealed a bit picky.

"soup color golden, crystal clear. Catty installed × × yuan a box, a pound loaded × × yuan box." I am of confidence, because the purchase, each kind of tea I have tasted.

price is OK, just do not know how to taste?" Customers stretch eyebrows, with smile.

"you a few packets, you can go back to taste. I promise I won’t let you down." I promise to say.

I want to buy a few boxes to send to friends, if can be sent out again taste the taste is not authentic, not too?" Customers hesitate.

"why don’t I make you a drink now?" I fought for.

"another day, I’ll go to the teahouse." Customers look cramped stores, leave this sentence, a Honda car business.

I am annoyed: tea is good, the price is reasonable, because of the lack of elegant tea environment and missed opportunities. Small cigarette and liquor vendor because they can not carry out the experiential marketing activities, in the sale of some high-end goods, yet force had been lost in the starting line, even if no longer "genuine goods at a fair price", is powerless!

for retailers, the festival is worth a moment. On the second night to 8 points, closing early to go home to rest, look to shutter half as old customers Liu sister edge >

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