The spring festival food and how to protect the safety of Shaanxi to strengthen supervision of all n

food safety problem is one of the basic problems in our life, how to ensure the health and safety of food, is the focus of attention of each group. So, how to protect the spring festival food safety? To ensure that Shaanxi people enjoy a happy, peaceful and safe new year, combined with the actual situation of the province, the Shaanxi provincial food and Drug Supervision Bureau recently issued a notice, called on all localities to strengthen the supervision of food and drug safety work during the spring festival.


notification requirements, food and drug supervision departments at all levels according to the characteristics of food consumption during the Spring Festival, strengthen key areas and key areas of food safety supervision, outstanding food wholesale markets, bazaars, food fairs, fairs and other key areas; strengthen the Folk Festival selling food and food inspection, especially the holiday market consumption capacity, attention of the masses the high degree of dairy products, cold chain, need to maintain the fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, meat products, beverages, cakes and other food.

also held during the Festival dinner activities catering service units, to prevent cross contamination of food, do not add non food substances, illegal use of food additives; strengthen the supervision and inspection of health food, health food labels, brochures, increase advertising exaggerated false propaganda and other illegal acts of supervision and inspection, do a good job during the two health food consumer tips.

is an indispensable measure for food safety, strengthen regulation, strengthen the supervision work in the Shaanxi times, stressed the need to highlight the stations, tourist attractions, urban and rural areas and other key areas, strengthen the wholesale markets, supermarkets, beauty salons, shops and other key areas of supervision and inspection, to crack down on fake food and drug and two super-a non – and other illegal acts, the issue of enterprise and goods taken immediately ordered to stop operation under the frame of administrative enforcement measures, suspected of a crime, transferred to public security organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. During the festival, the majority of consumers, such as food and drug safety problems encountered, can call the food and drug complaints report 12331 or to the local food and drug regulatory authorities to reflect complaints.

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