Shops should seize the good flow of wealth the customer of the whole flow

mobile customers due to loyalty is not high, the probability of doing a business is very large, leading many shopkeepers are not very seriously. But in fact, if you can seize the flow of customers, which is very helpful for the operation of the store. After all, mobile customers, free of charge, "advertising carrier".

afternoon, the owner did not see Xiaowen business began to take care of the counter. After a while, the door came in with a young man wearing a safety helmet. The other party to buy a pack of low-grade cigarettes. How to see people is faces, is keen to smell a business opportunity. So he sold the cigarette to the young man at the retail price and gave him a cigarette lighter. The other party a face puzzled: "I am the old customer of the store next door, the other side has never given me a lighter, I first come here to buy things for you, you give me?""

small generous response: "even" gift "!" A joke suddenly narrowed the distance between each other. The young man opened the door, as if to himself: "fortunately, the house did not open today!" A few days later, a small store gradually ushered in a lot of hard hats, have to buy cigarettes, buy pure water, and buy tea……

analysis: undoubtedly, Xiaowen is a smart owner. He not only realized the importance of mobile customers, but also the use of "gift giving" this method, psychologically let the other side have a good impression. Indeed, the customer after the go, will serve as a small duty publicist, not only for the small increase in profits, but also adds to its popularity.

mobile customers to buy from the store to satisfaction, and then from satisfaction to loyalty, and finally to their friends and family to spread word of mouth, each of which will bring us profits.

mobile customers are potential wealth. Liu had received such a customer: when the other side to buy two cigarettes, after paying the account to buy a bottle of pure water. In order to pull the customer, Liu took out two bottles of green tea handed to each other, and said it was a gift. A look after Liu said what did not make money, and jokingly said "after several times".

the other party a face sincerely promise: "sure, certain!" Not long after, the man came, suddenly more than 2 thousand dollars to buy things, Liu still gave him some concessions. Since then, holidays, visiting relatives and friends, the customer must come to Liu’s store procurement. Liu quietly calculate a bill, less than a year’s time, only one customer brought him more than four thousand yuan of profits.

analysis: as the saying goes, no one knows which cloud has rain. Therefore, any one to shop consumer mobile customers, are likely to be brought to you, the rain clouds". Hard work pays off, such as Liu, do not miss any opportunity to retain customers, trying to mention

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