More than and 5 management method to my shop popularity

retail business in the current market is indeed a very high popularity, however, after all, the industry is also very fierce competition. Therefore, if you want to make the store’s popularity higher, naturally also need to grasp a certain business strategy. Here, Xiaobian to introduce my long-term operation in the process of "more than and 5" management principle in the shop.

"do a line to love a line, the line will be a single line, dry line will be fine line." This is especially true for our cigarette retailers. In the rapid development of the market economy today, cigarette retail stores everywhere, in order to run their own shops, it is only to ensure a steady stream of tourists. So, how to attract customers, gather popularity? I think, to achieve the "more than and 5".

learn more. If you want to run a good cigarette, you should always pay attention to the tobacco industry information, learn more about the cigarette marketing knowledge, enrich their information resources. The cigarette know much, consumers to buy cigarettes, tips can give them about the identification of genuine and fake cigarettes, say the cigarette brand specifications, chat cigarette brands of origin, smoking and tobacco related knowledge. Through the smoke, not only to communicate with consumers, but also to win the trust of consumers.

smile. Customer is our God, regardless of the old customers and new customers are greeted, patiently asked what they needed, what price, taste what brand of cigarettes. To maintain the enthusiasm of the operation of cigarettes, for their own shop to cultivate some loyal consumers. In this way, popularity can become more and more prosperous, business can do better.

multi display. In the fierce competition in the market, who tend to have a richer variety of cigarettes who will have more business opportunities. Many consumers see through the shop cigarette display area size, to determine how much the retailer management level, if the display of cigarette varieties of rare, or display clutter, store the image in the minds of consumers must be greatly reduced.

multi brand. As the saying goes, "department store off", the cigarette business is also so. Fewer types of cigarettes, easy for consumers to produce a sense of distrust, thus losing the opportunity to send money home. Moreover, the consumer’s tastes and consumer attitudes are diversified, only the cigarette brand is complete, consumers have a choice, but also to meet the needs of different consumers.

multi inventory. Today, the cigarette market competition is fierce, if the retailers want to win a certain market share in the fierce competition, it is very important to have a lot of cigarettes. Especially in the current tobacco companies cigarette sales to the implementation of the "one household one card one yard, one Monday to send a" mode, in case of special circumstances without cigarette emergency, often lost in the invisible many tourists. Of course, for the new brand of cigarettes may be appropriate to save less, and for the brand to be more marketable cigarettes. < recommended

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