Do you know the story of crab soup

in Chinese when you eat some delicacy can always hear a lot about the delicacy behind the moving story of the rice noodle, crab soup and so on. China is a great delicacy, have a place to belong to the characteristics of delicacy in the country, is the crystallization of the wisdom of working people, in our country many special snack, crab soup is a very famous snack, a whole is more popular in the country. Then the crab soup is where the snacks, you know? The following small for you to talk briefly about crab Tang Bao story.

on the crab soup there is such a legend, making the crab soup have three. The Three Kingdoms period, Zhu Geliang was seriously ill, first think of Lord Liu Bei at Zhaoqing soon after leaving Tuogu Dongwu, Sun Shangxiang was forced to keep Sun Quan at home.

later, sun, Liu the emperor, the warring parties, the defeat of Liu Bei, died baidicheng. Madame Sun hears the news, miss a couple of friendship, hardly wished to live. boarded the Beigu hill, Lingyun Pavilion, Wang Xi held a memorial ceremony, drowned himself in a river. Due to the busy Zhu Geliang expedition, failed to attend the festival, while still alive, he sent to Wu Memorial, but wish. Ge Liang on the call to follow Liu Bei to Wu Wei Wu Wu old man, to go to the sun to pay homage to the Sun Wu, Wu old man asked what items to take a memorial ceremony, said that the use of meat steamed buns, Zhu Geliang.

Wu old one, know that this is the former prime minister in Du Lushui, not to kill the people, and for the dough packages of meat instead of the head. Wu told the old man listened, bid farewell to the prime minister, sailed to Soochow Jingkou, local officials said that in is to pay homage to the lady sun. Magistrate listens, dare not neglect, will stay in the arrangement of Wu old posthouse. Live after, old man Wu went to the flour with a knife and chopped pork chop with good seasonings. And that she was alive, the most love to eat crabs, and got some cooked crab, crab, crab meat in stripping pork stir stuffing heart. On the second day, some local officials and attendants together with Wu old man memorial.

to the Beigu mountain river, Wu old people set Xiangan, incense, candles, stick forty-nine meat Steamed Buns, the prime minister took written Oration read. You can see the meat Steamed Buns bulging road pattern, I do not know what is. I saw the old man Wu in the read oration, these things will be thrown into the river. After the memorial ceremony, we asked Wu old man. What is just to throw Xiajiang? Wu old man smiled and said, this is kick up a cloud of dust, Madame Sun was the favorite food is "hot crab package." Wu old man lost a few teeth, speak a little off the wind, and the word "hot" to "soup", also echoed this is "crab soup".

Where is the snack

crab soup? Crab soup is a famous snack in Jiangnan area, the Jiangsu area has a long history of crab soup, taste delicious, deeply loves the people, famous is Nanjing.

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