2016 China city competitiveness rankings Shanghai ranked first in the whole to

China is a country with a vast territory, the current situation of the development of different cities is not the same, so the competitiveness in the market is not the same. China Urban Competitiveness Research Council 3 in Hong Kong released in 2016 China’s urban competitiveness rankings, Shanghai (real estate) continue to rank first, Hongkong and Shenzhen (real estate) is ranked in the top second and. The release of the list is the agency lasted a year, China’s 358 cities above the prefecture level comprehensive competitiveness analysis and comparison of the latest research results.

he said that in 2016 the economy continued to maintain steady growth in Hongkong, the global scope is still showing a comparative advantage, but the social friction to some extent hindered the pace of economic growth in Hongkong. In addition, in the context of the global economic downturn, Shenzhen adhere to innovation driven, transformation and upgrading of green and low-carbon development direction, and promote structural reform of the supply side, GDP growth of 8.7%, excellent performance.

ranked tenth cities in Beijing (real estate), Guangzhou (real estate), Chongqing (real estate), Tianjin (real estate), Suzhou (real estate), Hangzhou (real estate) and the (real estate). Shanghai has been ranked first in 4 consecutive years.

The evaluation index system of

comprehensive competitiveness "including economy, society, environment and culture of the 4 systems, by calculating the comprehensive economic competitiveness, human capital education competitiveness 10 first level indexes and 50 two level indexes and 216 three level indexes and etc..

the same day the agency also released 15 other rankings, including the classification of the list of 6 cities in China and the list of the world’s 9 countries and cities. Among them, the global state (economy) competitiveness rankings, the United States, Japan and China top three; China city growth competitiveness rankings, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Chongqing were among the top three in the world’s most open city; Hongkong ranked third, ranked in the China security city ranked first.

in the course of rapid economic growth, although each city has its own characteristics, many of the city have achieved good development, but China’s 2016 city comprehensive competitiveness rankings, Shanghai is still among the best! At the same time China Institute of city competitiveness was registered in 1998 in Hongkong, is the academic institutions China earlier involved in the research field of city competitiveness, in 2002 launched the first Chinese city competitiveness rankings, is a professional institution more trustworthy!

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