Chongqing how to guide migrant workers entrepreneurship

in the beginning of reform and opening up, many migrant workers contribute to the construction of their own strength, they are away from home for a long time running in major cities. But for the good development of the local economy, Chongqing Hechuan district government said today, the area from the advantage, build a platform, policy support, service guidance, propaganda guide five aspects to guide migrant workers entrepreneurship to promote employment, boost the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development.

2016 area of migrant workers returning home to start a total of 30 thousand and 500 households, to absorb labor force employment of 165 thousand people. Has been identified as the western region of the five farmers entrepreneurial pilot area, the first batch of rural labor transfer demonstration counties (districts) and the first batch of Chongqing returning home entrepreneurship demonstration counties.

in recent years, Hechuan district built on the "national 5 western entrepreneurial farmers in pilot areas and the first batch of" rural labor transfer demonstration county (District) and Chongqing city migrant workers entrepreneurship Park as the main business platform, the construction of Municipal Ecological Sightseeing Park and the Ooishi Katanishi sea sightseeing park of modern agricultural Park; integrated fishing town, peninsula Laitan town tourism resources construction tourism park; build micro enterprises ten yuan ten village ", establish state comprehensive market 10 micro enterprise incubator, 10 micro enterprises characteristic village Taihe village pavilion, the annual output value of 510 million yuan, promote employment 9280.


District issued the "Interim Measures" to support the completion of business incubator, Yiwu small commodity wholesale market, Mao International built 5 Bo City and district level business incubators. Currently, the return of migrant workers to set up enterprises (including micro enterprises) accounted for more than 42% of the total number of enterprises at all levels of the park; the base of the home to return to start the business of the 689 people, nurturing a total of 3125 incubators entrepreneurial enterprises, driven by employment of 17 thousand and 600 people.

district government issued "to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation plan", "on the micro enterprises vigorously support the healthy development of the implementation of opinions", "the implementation of Hechuan micro enterprise incubator and micro enterprises characteristic village construction plan", such as tax relief and the implementation of a series of supportive policies from the project site. Formulate special support policies. With the District Finance Bureau jointly issued the "notice" on Further Strengthening the migrant workers entrepreneurship policy support, for migrant workers entrepreneurship tailored social insurance subsidies and job subsidies, housing subsidies, land leasing subsidies, loan interest subsidies and other policies to support entrepreneurship.

Chongqing how to guide migrant workers return home to start a business? Through the above reports we can see that the local government has taken a series of measures to improve the people’s living standards at the same time, favorable to retain the majority of migrant workers! This year, the cumulative distribution of migrant workers returning home to start all kinds of subsidies of more than 12 yuan, for the return of 274 entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurs

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