Ginza pill taste hall Octopus brand

to say to the delicious taste of snacks, small series I definitely give the octopus to burn this snack out. Presumably a lot of people who ate octopus have such an idea. Today we want to recommend is an octopus brand – Ginza pill hall Octopus burning

so the Ginza pill hall Octopus burning brand? Read the following introduction you will know.

Ginza pill hall authentic Japanese Octopus burning, crispy skin, soft inside the trap, octopus smooth and delicious, called the first Japanese octopus brand. Japanese because love pasta, compared with domestic flour, gluten powder basic 5 flour, Japan Udon powder, tempura powder, horn crisp powder 50 basic flour, rice cake powder etc.. Among them, the octopus powder.

Ginza pill taste hall batter is a formula by a Japanese flour group from the beginning of 1997 exclusive supply, after ten years of excellence, we achieved this unique crisp waxy feeling, taste delicious from Ginza pill hall skin crisp, fragrant and soft stuffing this kind of unique taste. Roast duck. This unique taste is also derived from the processing of flour.

Ginza pill taste hall in the batter and adding shrimp dry bonito, and moss, all the ingredients are to taste and aroma for strict standards. The freshness of our batter is natural, the taste is fresh and soft, and the flavor of the octopus can be y displayed. Even if there’s no sauce, it’s delicious. This is the secret of the Ginza pill hall.

The edible oil used in the Ginza

hall is a corn salad oil without cholesterol, which is good for your health. The aroma of salad oil 100% enhances the octopus’s smooth taste and enhances the taste of the silver octopus to perfection.

taste hall dedicated to the three Ginza pill material, chives, fried noodles, red ginger pill. These ingredients are not the same with the general dedication. The first is "". We use spicy and sweet onion complement each other. We are processing the chives are standard size strictly, to conform to the size of the octopus balls. The following is the traditional Japanese "broken tempura". In the material into our exclusive original secret sauce. Finally, red ginger". Special cutting process, to ensure that the shape of each one of the red silk, so no matter where you can enjoy the same taste.

Ginza pill hall for the top material is also very sophisticated. We select the finest, the softest and the most fragrant. The use of Bonito can be roasted at the end of delicious tempting, octopus balls delicious into play. But at the end of the skipjack production methods are also very elegant. We put the flowers at the end of skipjack cut into smaller, more suitable for delicious baked octopus balls.

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