Why the need to introduce Entrepreneurship Education

business is now very affected by the national attention and protection, especially the employment problem of college graduates every year now is very serious, the State encourages the students to start their own businesses, therefore, for the introduction of entrepreneurship education in the major, it is necessary, to fundamentally change the views of entrepreneurship, let more students to have a correct understanding of self employment.

first, on the understanding of the world economy and entrepreneurship in the critical. Entrepreneurship has long been seen as a subject of economics, but recent research has identified entrepreneurship as the main engine of wealth creation in the modern economy. Neglect of entrepreneurship education or the marginalization of undergraduate studies and students will need to understand the reality of the world out of tune.

Second, second, entrepreneurship education is a continuous development of American higher education. In the past 30 years, the formal Entrepreneurship Education (major, minor, or certificate) has increased from 104 in 1975 to about $more than and 500 in 2007. Entrepreneurship education cooperation across schools is also supported by the Kauffman foundation, the foundation of the family, such as the development of the fund, such as the development of the fund, such as the development of entrepreneurship education, such as the foundation for the development of entrepreneurship education in schools, such as the foundation of the development of the family.

Third, third, entrepreneurship has become widespread in the universities themselves behavior. More and more colleges and universities have " technology transfer " office, encourage professors to create enterprises, scientific research into market oriented products. On the one hand, teachers are encouraged to research and develop their own business. On the other hand, they do not spread the spirit of entrepreneurship to the students, which makes the training objectives and the school’s entrepreneurial intermediary behavior out of touch.

Fourth, finally, many purpose of entrepreneurship education and the quality of American undergraduate education is consistent. It is closely related to many subjects. Even in the business behavior of narrow, left for legal, economic, financial, political, and cultural values of the interlocking system of knowledge, to understand the entrepreneurial process easier said than done. In addition, due to the practice of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education can really integrate the knowledge of many fields, linking theory and practice, to achieve a broad and effective integration of learning a good carrier.

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