Tianjin celebrities teahouse Comic Art Troupe will show a year fee donated whole

in Tianjin, crosstalk is one of the local folk culture, handed down from generation to generation, has become a valuable culture of Tianjin. Tianjin celebrities teahouse comic art troupe 28 to 35 "positive good boy" and 23 needy families of students donated in 2016 public tour all income.

on the same day, sponsored by the Hedong District of Tianjin city culture and Tourism Bureau and the Communist Youth League Committee Dazhigu Hedong District, Subdistrict Office; Hedong District Cultural Center, Tianjin celebrities teahouse comic art troupe hosted the Hedong District Cultural Center in the city public welfare tour 100 comic donation ceremony held in Large Bridge Road Primary school. Tianjin celebrities teahouse donated love donations and wonderful performances of the crosstalk.

celebrities teahouse was founded in 1991, is the first since the reform and opening up the tea industry in Tianjin has a traditional folk characteristics and folk performances held by the Tianjin comic dialogue teahouse. After more than 20 years, almost witnessed the development history of Tianjin celebrities teahouse teahouse, the old folk art, the original ecological performance has become a model of national comic troupes learning.

has long held celebrity tea Tianjin, dedicated a lot of joy for the Tianjin audience. In recent years, the group in the development of social responsibility at the same time, the annual contribution of vulnerable groups, and public charity performances, widely acclaimed.

Tianjin celebrities teahouse Comic Troupe’s charity has won the praise of the people, the majority of the people of Tianjin to bring more positive energy. Tianjin celebrities teahouse outreach manager Yu Ying said celebrity tea since its establishment in 1991, step by step, and gradually grow and develop, during which the community has been the help and care.

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