nventory 2012 of the money making industry

2011 is about to come to an end, ushered in a new spring and autumn, in this new spring and autumn, we need to do something, it is certainly to see what programs are the best, is the most profitable.

one when the other car the most lonely, the most boring, this gadget is the oldest, but everyone will play, and fun. Sell a day. One day, sold hundreds of easy day, thousands of dollars in profits is also very good, full of people with the boring time to pass the time no mind to sell an original game. And so on, you can find a lot of things to sell.

this form can be achieved by a fee, according to the idea of charges, such as how much of an idea, to say probably interested in pay to understand, if you decide to do, can also offer ideas to support the creative support! Actually this is also very good, especially in recent years, a lot of marketing planning company to hot up, in the end, they are selling creative. Use your head, that’s true

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