Nigeria and the two countries launched a green economic and trade cooperation

2014 Chinese (Qinghai) "Silk Road Economic Belt economic cooperation Roundtable has just ended, I will strengthen communication and consultation, the Department of Commerce of the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining put forward according to the recommendations to promote economic zone Silk Road, in Nepal, Turkey docking participating merchants, to cooperate with the relevant departments of the two countries and enterprises in the economic and trade business. Kathmandu Qinghai window, the export of solar power and lighting equipment…… Reporters from May 17th held in Qinghai and Nepal, Turkey docking forum was informed that the province’s economic and trade cooperation with the two countries have been or are in full swing.

in February this year, the province economic and trade delegation to Nepal to carry out inspection activities during trade signed investment construction agreement signed amounted to 195 million yuan. The city of Xining and Nepal Patan city last year to conclude as a friendly city, enterprises in our province will be run in Nepal Kathmandu Patan City, and the construction of the Qinghai window and other projects, export, export to Nepal solar power and lighting equipment will be achieved with Turkey on cooperation in Xining New Millennium International Plaza built Turkey mall is stepping up implementation in essence, a series of projects laid the foundation for cooperation between the two sides. To participate in the forum of the Minister of Nepal peace and reconstruction of Zhan Ruo Dan · Sha Ruomu, Secretary General of the chamber of Commerce in Nigeria Shao · Deng gurney, Turkey businessmen and I represent the Provincial Department of Commerce, Department of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of the relevant person in charge of the next cooperation goal and direction: related enterprises will organize the 35 Nepal handicraft enterprises to participate in the Tibetan carpet exhibition, opened in Xining to Kathmandu as soon as possible to carry out international flights, and Nepal for wider areas and higher level of cooperation.

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