District Civil Affairs Bureau to organize the community director of the community visited Mao Sheng

north of the City Bridge Street office Mao Sheng Temple community is one of the city’s efforts to build this year, one of the community, with the province’s first largest community integrated service center. The implementation of community party branch as the leading community service station based on the neighborhood community as the carrier of the "three-in-one" work in the new mode, and actively carry out the "three to promote a strong" (promoting party classification management, and play the role of Party members, Party building, promoting regional coverage) "three one" (fixed network, responsible person,), "three linkage, one free" (demand response, talk object, difficulty helping, service accessibility) and other activities, to create a comprehensive management of the grid service, the refinement of the "two" community. The development of community services and the needs of the residents together to residents of all types of activities as the starting point, and constantly meet the needs of the residents fitness, health care, pension and other aspects.
in order to exchange experiences, learn from each other, the innovative ideas into other community director’s mind, I use the bureau meeting in August 23 led the community director visited Mao Sheng Temple community. The fine management concept throughout the community director’s thinking, with good community service as the starting area residents to create their own characteristic development, gradually realize a feature, a brand of work pattern.


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