Green Fair will be signed 88% target task completed

The focus of public attention in 2015 green contact will be more and more close, this Green Fair will focus on "the construction achievements of the three area" and "The Belt and Road construction, continue to show the world the beauty of Qinghai spirit and good investment environment, promote green low-carbon development cycle of the brand. As of May 26th, the province intends to implement the project signed 343, with a total investment of $158 billion 265 million to complete the signing of the target task of 88%.

investment 158 billion 200 million

23 provinces and municipalities will participate in

as optimistic about the unique resources of great beauty Qinghai, there are 23 provinces clearly to attend at present, there are 13 provinces to be led by the deputy provincial leadership. In addition, the "The Belt and Road along the country, region and City friendly invitation, Han Qing Guo Zhong government and Columbia provincial government confirmed Cundinamarca delegation to attend the meeting, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Provincial Department of Commerce has implemented some foreign invitation.

three the complete layout

field forum into focus

In order to ensure that the

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