Xining city traffic police focus on remediation drunk driving effect

Xining summer climate, people will get together in a continuous line of communication, and the guests drink no ground for blame but some people, in the glad to forget the consequences of drunk driving. In order to ensure the safety of people’s life and property, driving a motor vehicle curb drunken multiple trend, to create a good traffic environment for the masses, Xining city traffic police brigade according to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment deployed to carry out remediation, drinking drunk driving traffic violations special action. Many days to the traffic police smitten, organized, day and night on duty, to increase the night road traffic order management, effectively deter drunken driving all types of traffic violations occur, and make the results to create a good traffic environment.

increase the propaganda momentum to make a car from the ideological emphasis on the harmfulness of drunk driving, Xining city traffic police brigade on radio and television, newspapers and other propaganda platform, combined with typical case of provincial and municipal media for drunk driving should be exposed; tell everyone in the major intersections and roads, bustling commercial district hanging banners the driver, a cup of wine, one in two lines of tears, do not drink and drive, the city traffic police to you, to you and May you be safe throughout the journey. "" family happiness, do not drink driving"…… Played a good warning role. Not only that, the area is still the team hotel, restaurants, bars and other places prone to drunk driving, with tips posted posters, display traffic safety tips table sign form, focus on strengthening the targeted propaganda, and actively guide and encourage the catering industry to participate in social activities, to assist the traffic police department that discourage drivers who don’t drink and drive. The formation of a strong atmosphere of public opinion.

deployment of science and scientific management, the formation of strict posture in Xining city traffic police brigade going to work every day and night patrol check together, adhere to both education and punishment, will be prone to drunk driving Hotel, bar, entertainment and road section as the control of the focus, and focus on the control of 20 pm and 23 pm the next day at 1 hours the formation of a high pressure situation thorough investigation, strict rectification of drunk driving violations. From the office out of some police brigade and squadron of police force integration group, take the fixed and mobile patrol Chajiu combined service model, make full use of alcohol detector and blood tests and other measures to strengthen the investigation and punishment of drunk driving suspects, played a powerful deterrent for education, a large number of luck psychological, safety awareness weak driver. In campaigns, the officers in the strict law enforcement at the same time, do the standard duty, civilized duty, the majority of drivers and people’s understanding and recognition, because of drunk driving road traffic accidents decreased significantly.


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