What is the reason why Yang sister still cattle

Yang Yang sister also gave us the Qinghai people win glory! Reporter in April 10th from Qinghai Province Sports Bureau, in 2016 the IAAF Race Walking Challenge Match in Portugal, Chinese player yangshenjie cutting advantages in the women’s 20 km race in 1 hours, 27 minutes and 52 seconds personal season best score to win.

game, cut Yang sister’s biggest opponent is Italy’s Georgi, the game was two side by side to take away. To the second half of the game, cut Yang sister gradually away opponents, and ultimately to 28 seconds to win the advantage. Georgi runner up. Another Italy player in the high ranked third.

as a result of the Olympic Games in the domestic trial only ranked fourth, Yang Yang to participate in the prospects of the Rio Olympics was not optimistic. 9 won the competition for the victory of the Olympic Games to win the weight of Yang sister. According to the relevant provisions of China athletics, the Olympic trials of each project the top five in the list, made in international competitions within a month after the qualifying results reached standard and better than domestic trials for the fifth best player can get candidate qualifications. Rio before the Olympic Games and then select from the list of three players and a substitute. Yang Yang’s sister’s success in the March 6th issue of the Rio Olympic Games can be ranked in the second place.

at the end of March this year, the London Olympic Games women’s 20 km race silver medalist Carnes Kim Aa because of drug use was suspended, at the time of the third cut yangshenjie just for an Olympic runner up.


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