Strengthen the provincial department budget management comprehensive performance evaluation

The relevant requirements of

province finance combined with tax reform and fiscal 2016 focus, focus on increasing point of expanding surface, improve the system, standardize the procedures and results of using 4 aspects to increase efforts to play on the budget management of the provincial departments regulate baton effect, improve the provincial department budget management comprehensive performance evaluation work efficiency.

continues to expand the scope of assessment. In accordance with the assessment work full coverage requirements, this year, the province will continue to be included in the assessment of the provincial level budget departments, involving 98 departments. In accordance with the requirements of the reform of the judicial system, the implementation of the municipal budget management mode of the provincial (state), county procuratorate consists of 109 departments, as well as a budget unit, set up a separate evaluation plan and implement a special evaluation index, evaluation results as an important basis for political and legal arrangements of funds transfer payment.

assessment content more perfect. To play the guiding role of the evaluation work, this year added a "zero based Budgeting", "budget reporting accuracy" and "compilation department overall spending performance objectives, project expenditure performance objectives", "financial management" and other indicators, improve the "detailed Budgeting", "stock funds management" and "non tax revenue management" and "budget management reform" appraisal content, the appraisal work more targeted, more comprehensive and complete reflection of the annual budget management department performance.

rigorous evaluation procedures. In order to ensure the evaluation objective and impartial evaluation work, will be unified into making the evaluation plan and carry out the evaluation issued a notice, the budget department, the finance department self rating organization evaluation and research to determine the evaluation results and feedback of evaluation results, cash re evaluation of departments (units) seven stage Awards complement funds. At the same time, the scientific selection of evaluation department, in addition to the central unit in Qingdao, funding to implement the approved budget management base and capital increase "sector, a single department, all provincial departments are included in the scope of re evaluation.

Effective use of

evaluation results. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the provincial departments, according to the evaluation methods, evaluation results will be clearly divided into 5 files, and the re evaluation department evaluation results in grant award given to the top 3 file, the appraisal results in a certain range. In order to achieve the purpose of promoting the evaluation of the tube, the provincial finance will be timely feedback to the relevant departments to assess the situation, and urge them to implement the rectification, to promote the provincial departments to strengthen budget management.


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