Strong support for scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial development

In recent years, with the major technological progress and technological innovation project construction in Xining City, to transform and upgrade traditional industries, accelerate the development of new industries and energy-saving environmental protection industry, to promote the "two" integration, to ensure stable and healthy development of the industrial economy.

one, to enhance the dominant industries. Connecting with the construction of the "double hundred" action and major industrial base, to optimize the industrial layout, to achieve industrial restructuring as the goal, to chase Beichuan Industrial Park, Huangyuan Dahua Industrial Park and Huangzhong Xinzhuang Industrial Park construction as an opportunity to accelerate the construction of Small and micro businesses incubator, vigorously developing industries; on the other hand, and actively guide enterprises Research Institute of industrial technology innovation on demand and extend the industrial chain, through digestion and absorption and innovation, integrated innovation and original innovation, effectively promote the advantages of industrial technological characteristics to enhance the action, improve the industrial technology innovation ability.

two, the implementation of the "double hundred" project. To organize the implementation of the "double hundred" and major projects of technological progress, guide and encourage enterprises to increase the technological transformation of industrial investment, accelerate the development of enterprises of low carbon industry and circular economy industry pace. Focus on supporting the development of new energy, new materials, bio medicine and other industries, and constantly expand the scale of strategic emerging industries in Xining, comprehensively promote the pace of scientific and technological support for industrial development. 2015, the city’s 65 major technological progress projects included in the province’s major projects in the construction of major projects, the total investment of 83 billion 630 million yuan in the project, plans to invest $25 billion 350 million in. Through the implementation of the project, a number of breakthroughs in key technologies, research and development of a number of high value-added products, effectively improve the level of technology advantages of industrial circular economy, strategic emerging industries, characteristics, enhance the field of innovation ability, promote all-round economic and social development.

three, strengthen technological innovation. Adhere to the key technologies and the introduction of the promotion of the application of the combination, to support enterprises in a variety of ways to build technology research and development platform. Actively organize enterprises to participate in key industries in Qinghai, 123 science and technology support projects to encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment, accelerate the construction of scientific and technological innovation service platform and incubator. CommScope biological, Jinhe Tibetan medicine and other 30 enterprises were established national and provincial level technical centers and laboratories, the formation of regional technology innovation system of research and development, support industry key common technology engineering. At the same time to strengthen the introduction of talent, to develop specific measures and measures to encourage outstanding talents to the park, the introduction of technical personnel with a new breakthrough.

four, deepen research cooperation. To promote the effective combination of the strategic level of enterprises and research institutes to help enterprises solve technical problems and develop new products. Focus on the development of Tibetan medicine, Tibetan carpets, non-ferrous metal production and research base, to explore the effective operation and management of innovation base construction, and gradually promote the city’s innovation base construction. Through the guidance of city science and technology projects, the provincial and foreign research institutes to establish a new cooperative relationship between industry, University and Research Institute, jointly promote technological innovation, and vigorously promote the technological innovation capability and core competitiveness of key industries.

five, accelerate the pace of technological transformation. Actively encourage and guide enterprises, social capital to increase investment in industrial energy-saving technological transformation;

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