The city social security payment base will be adjusted

According to the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the Provincial Department of human resources and social Office recently released statistics, in 2013 the average wage of workers in the province was 52105 yuan / year (average monthly wage of 4342 yuan). From July 1st onwards, in 2014 the city’s insured units of social insurance contributions will be adjusted.

– minimum base pay adjusted to 2605 yuan / month. The base pay adjustment of social security insurance involves staff pension insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance, according to the average wage of workers in the province in 2013, the minimum base pay adjusted to 2605 yuan / month (the provincial average monthly wage of workers 60%), the highest base pay adjusted to 13026 yuan / month (the month of workers 300% of the average wage). Xining city in 2014 the social insurance for each insured unit to worker year total wages should send monthly average as base pay wages below the minimum payment base declaration, according to the minimum payment base approved, wages higher than the highest of the base of payment according to the highest contribution base approved.

– Flexible Employment pension insurance payment standard will also be adjusted. In 2014 five flexible employment payment level of employee pension insurance payment by the provincial average monthly wage of workers 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, the amount of annual contributions were 6252 yuan, 7293.6 yuan, 8337.6 yuan, 9379.2 yuan, 10420.8 yuan. From July 1st onwards, Xining city level and County Social Security Bureau flexible employment insurance personnel to the Construction Bank of Xining business outlets to pay pension premiums.

– Flexible Employment health care workers years to pay the minimum 2184 yuan. 2014 flexible employment medical insurance payment by the province’s average monthly wage of workers 4.2% (not a personal account), 8% (a personal account) two pay grades, the annual contribution amounting to 2184 yuan, 4176 yuan, 40 yuan per person per year illness insurance bailout. Xining flexible employment health care workers after July 1st to the Agricultural Bank of Xining City pay outlets.It is reported that the

, the payment of social security relates to our city base approved insurance unit 12 thousand, City Social Security Bureau to remind the insurance units and individuals according to the requirements of social insurance policies and regulations and the handling process, serious, truthful, timely reporting and timely payment of base pay. The insured units do not declare or not to declare the payment base, according to the relevant provisions of the social insurance law in accordance with the law for punishment.  

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