Xining City north of the city to carry out the four model college student village official selectio

this year, Xining City area in the region of university students "village" to carry out the "four models" selection activities, further inspire and mobilize the students "village" in promoting new rural construction in the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, set an example for the new hiring of college students "village" tree.
grassroots, do learn to exercise model. College-graduate village official called on the majority of active masses, open-minded to the grassroots cadres learning, learn from farmers, learning, learning in practice, to master the knowledge of rural work and working methods, the profound experience of province, District, village situation and feelings of nostalgia, and a comprehensive understanding of rural economic and social development, in the rural reform development and stability the practice of continuous growth of knowledge, enhance skills, enhance ties with the masses, ideals and faith, consciously become the backbone of the construction of new socialist countryside.
confidence, make the model entrepreneurial talent. Call the college-graduate village official according to their own strengths and advantages, combined with the rural economic and social development needs and the actual village, actively participate in entrepreneurial practice, organize the masses to grasp the project, adjust the industrial structure, leading enterprises lead the founder and professional associations to promote the development of agricultural industrialization, and actively lead the masses to get rich, to broaden our horizons, thinking of entrepreneurial talent. Enhance the entrepreneurial talent ability, in an effort to promote the reform and development of rural areas to realize their value of life on the big stage of stability.
the college "village official" in the "four models" selection activities, enhance the students "village" initiative and consciousness of exercise ability and increase the ability in practice, strengthen confidence, determined to become, enthusiastic service, entrepreneurial, further play in promoting the ability and cleverness of rural economy development the team, college students "village" to promote rural reform and development of a stable life;

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