Qinghai Haidong Kyrgyzstan economic and trade cooperation and specialty products exhibition openin

7 month 29 days, by the sea east of the Municipal People’s government, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan chamber of Commerce and industry organized by the Department of Commerce of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Province Foreign Affairs Office held to assist Qinghai Haidong (Kyrgyzstan) economic and trade cooperation and specialty products exhibition opened in Kyrgyzstan City, the capital of the Republic of Bishkek.

The same day

, Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan by counselor Sun He said in his speech, in recent years, the economic and trade cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Chinese constantly deepening and expanding areas of cooperation, the exhibition is strong evidence of this trend. I hope the two sides in the new Silk Road Economic Belt Construction as a greater role, to further strengthen exchanges and promote common development and prosperity.

the same day, 74 companies from the East Sea city with more than more than 330 kinds of products in appearance. Bishkek people not only at home can buy from Qinghai, China’s famous products, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the United States and the United States at the exhibition site to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

East and West Asia and Southeast Asian countries, the economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges for a long time, the local production of the cap, halal food and other places in Central Asia enjoy high reputation. Since the implementation of The Belt and Road "strategy, opening to the East Sea city to significantly accelerate the pace of. At the beginning of 2014, the Provincial Department of Commerce organized Haidong Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County government responsible comrades and some Salar entrepreneurs in Qinghai Province trade delegation to Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries for economic study. In May 2014, the countries along the Silk Road, the provincial government held a roundtable on the East Sea and Kyrgyzstan signed a memorandum of TOKMAK City concluded friendly city intent and friendly city cooperation, the two sides reached consensus on the development of green friendly, deep processing of agricultural and livestock products and marketing, mineral resources development, cultural exchanges, tourism development and cooperation and mutual establishment of offices and sales points in 6 aspects. In June 26, 2015, Kyrgyzstan state senator Sue Lemma Andrianof Del of Baja · · Covic visited iscar Haidong city and reached Qinghai Haidong held economic cooperation and specialty products exhibition intention in Kyrgyzstan. This exhibition is to implement practical action the two sides have reached a cooperation intention, indicates that the two trade officially opened, marking the Haidong in actively integrate The Belt and Road "strategy, strengthen the foreign trade and cultural exchanges and cooperation and opening up, has taken a substantial step.


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