Qinghai is like heaven

In July 13th, the reporter to follow China (Qinghai) Sanjiang International Photography Festival participants through the Heiquan reservoir, over 145 kilometers north of Dabanshan, all the way from Xining to Qinghai province "North Gate" – Menyuan county. The golden eye The path winds along mountain ridges., basin, reflecting the very blue sky, the clouds like a horse galloping, quiet magic show style. Heaven and earth have great beauty and no words, Qinghai is a heaven and man united the great beauty of the land.

from Nanjing Photography Association Liu Huajian, former deputy commander of the Jiangsu military region, is the chief of staff, is the only general photography festival in the level of the photographer, in this photography festival in 20 works exhibition, which has taken the 15 works in Qinghai. He said: "the scenery of Qinghai is magnificent and different from other places! The photography festival for all over the country enthusiasts to build a good platform for communication!"

from 2006 has been successfully held in Sanjiang International Photography Festival, not only for photographers at home and abroad to build a platform for communication, but also brings together the world’s attention. Folk songs on the way, the famous photographer Almad Aballah AL-Saif from Dubai told reporters that he love here very much, the scenery in Qinghai is very beautiful, he loves it. Another famous Dubai photographer Hesham Alhumaid said: "Like Heaven (like heaven)!"


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