Xining first sewage treatment plant effluent standards gradually improve

June 24th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Inspection and acceptance of the first sewage treatment plant in Xining science and technology cooperation in the first phase of the project results. Since 2007, Norway introduced advanced technology and after the first sewage treatment plant of Xining city nearly three years after the successful operation, the tail water here from the original two class emission standards to improve the class B emission standards, means that the treated sewage is discharged into the river, can not only completely, can also be used for greening and irrigation as well as industrial cooling can contact with water.

Xining city sewage treatment plant is the last section of Hexi Ning Huangshui exit a "pass". In recent years, Xining City, the first sewage treatment plant for the purification of the Huangshui River plays an important role, can significantly improve the situation of Nanjing Hexi Huangshui River mouth small Xiakou water. According to the environmental protection departments of the relevant personnel, in 2007, Xining City, the first sewage treatment plant and the environmental protection department of Norway signed a cooperation agreement, relying on the advanced management concept and the use of optimization techniques in the same human, without any increase in decontamination equipment and other structures under the condition of mature use of nearly three years, the purification ability to continuously improve the tail water content ratio of ammonia, nitrogen and other elements of the decline, basically reached a B emission standard.

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, every day in Xining, nearly 1/3 of the sewage treatment and purification through here, a part of the tail water discharged into the Huangshui River, a small part of the tail water for greening, irrigation and other special industrial cooling equipment. At present, the sewage treatment plant sewage treatment capacity of 86 thousand tons per day, at full load operation.


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