The fourth session of the summer Xining place name snack delicacy wonderful opening event

"the fourth session of the summer Xining local famous specialty snack delicacy Festival, July 27th opened in Xining City Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane limeng.
which aims to "delicacy culture, mass entertainment leisure culture and the organic combination of exhibition" activities, starting from the day at 10:30. The size of Pedestrian Street tunnel surrounded by all of Xining a special snack, skewers, boiled rice, yogurt, sweet grains…… The smell of food continues to cause people’s appetite. According to the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, the city of Xining as a multi-ethnic gathering area, is famous for its special snacks with local culture has a long history, numerous schools, flavor dishes were distinctive, hold the delicacy Festival "during the fair city, hope to further propaganda great beauty Qinghai, show delicacy varieties, improve name create a special snack grade, delicacy culture. Build local brand name snack, show business style, promote the delicacy culture, recommended delicacy delicious snacks, the service life of the people, promote the tourism development of related industries, and guide consumers to build the green, healthy and nutritious food culture.

the delicacy Festival organized more than and 260 flavor snacks businesses, in the West District of Richpower commercial pedestrian street, East District of Jing Xifeng Ecological Park (formerly Huang Park), Chengzhong District, Xinhua Road three points on display, the public and tourists can choose the nearest Xining taste delicious. In order to enhance the level of special snacks, the organizing committee will invite experts to comment, selection, selection of a group of Qinghai snacks, Qinghai snack chef to give recognition and reward.

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