This year the lantern lights downtown in three square the twelfth lunar month twenty eight Nights Fu

near the Spring Festival, Xining City, four districts have begun to produce lanterns. January 21st, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the four districts, in previous years, lanterns are displayed in the street, causing a certain traffic pressure. This year, the lantern for the streets, a number of main roads are not expected to implement traffic control, lanterns are mostly concentrated in the people’s Square, sunning Plaza, Central Plaza, lantern will light all in the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight nights.

* central: North and south street lighting lighting installed with

it is understood that this year, the central area will be installed in the north and south street lighting lighting belt, the use of LED lights hanging in the streets, will no longer be wrapped around the trees on the tube, after the installation of permanent use. Taking into account the annual traffic lights installed at the entrance of the West long lighting, this year long lighting will be canceled. The central lantern will showcase at the center of the square, the fountain will make a lantern group 16 meters high, 40 meters wide, with flower shape, flower round plate lying 6 dragon, snake symbolizes prosperity.

North District: happiness, wishing double wall

also, for convenience, North canceled floats showcase projects this year. This year, Chaoyang Road, north of the main venue, on both sides of the road lighting lighting embellishment street. In addition to the largest Lantern in northwest five provinces to make 20 meters wide, 16 meters high, the north for the first time in the people’s Square to manufacture double wall 30 meters long, people from all walks of life to show positive greetings, side show pictures production area.

West: Xinning square lantern is very fashionable

lantern sunning Plaza every year attracts much attention, the arrival of the year of the snake, sunning Plaza cartoon lanterns canceled in the past, making a group of cube shaped lanterns, inside the box to the Rubik’s cube twelve zodiac pattern for ornament. Animal shaped lanterns are well received every year, this year, a set of golden section of the sun will be brought to the public with different visual effects. In addition, the new China road lighting has been used for many years, deeply loved by the public, this year will be installed in the west side of the 54 street lights, with "blessing" as the theme, the production of lighting, permanent use.

East: guessing, science fiction

each year the province’s largest installed in the eastern city of Longmen, the province’s largest Longmen is currently installed. This year the eastern 32 groups combined with traditional lamps and lanterns are lanterns, lantern riddles with traditional lanterns, lanterns at the public can also guess lantern riddles. Fashion lantern, the East will create a set of stars, science fiction themed lantern for the public viewing. It is reported that the four district were in the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight night lantern lights. (author: Ma Rong)

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