Xining Museum of Art low income children can participate in free training

in 2013 during the winter vacation is coming, the city’s children, especially low-income families of children with children, families of children of migrant workers in city based, can participate in the mass art museum in vocal music, recitation, calligraphy and other small reporters, professional learning. This is the Xining Municipal Art Museum in response to the call of the state, in order to enrich the city’s children’s winter vacation life and carry out the relevant professional free training. At present, the registration work has begun, the city’s children, especially low-income families with children’s residence booklet, ID card, low income certificate to the City Museum of art training department to enroll in free learning.

it is understood that, in order to meet the national cultural center of free and open policy, in response to the national public cultural activities to carry out the work, the City Art Museum according to the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of Finance issued "on the promotion of national art galleries, public libraries, cultural centers free work of opinions", from reality, efforts to strengthen infection force and radiation force of culture, give full play to the role of public cultural institutions to enhance the quality of national culture and other aspects of the role in the heritage of civilization, this year, especially for my children and the elderly to carry out free training, free training site at the same time. (author: Wang Zi)

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