Qinghai introduced ten measures to ensure the payment of wages of migrant workers

for the protection of migrant workers on time and in full to the hard-earned money, our province issued "to further improve the construction project in the field of cleaning migrant workers wage work of the ten measures", focus on the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers from the source prevention and governance, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. This measure will come into effect from July 27th, showing five highlights.

highlights: the local government is the first responsibility unit. Municipalities (States), counties (cities, districts) the government is the first unit responsible for the work of the region. By the government to invest in the construction of arrears of wages of migrant workers, the government should pay the first payment of arrears of wages, the full responsibility for liquidation.

highlights two: clear division of labor departments. Hair change, by letter, land, housing construction, transportation, water conservancy, electricity and other administrative departments have been listed as the main responsibility for the work unit. Where the industry is not in place due to regulatory issues caused by the industry administrative departments responsible for the whole process. Strengthen cooperation between departments. Unresolved or malicious arrears of wages of migrant workers, will not be allowed to participate in bidding.

highlights three: corporate behavior is regulated. Due to the total package of the enterprise is not in accordance with the contract and subcontracting enterprises to close the project, resulting in arrears of wages of migrant workers, the total package of enterprises to advance, to assume the main responsibility.

highlights four: margin classification management. The difference of wage payment deposit classification management and the integrity of the incentive principle, high credibility, no arrears of enterprises, the project is not in arrears, may be appropriate to reduce the proportion of payment under a project; in the deduction of wages for migrant workers, the construction unit and the enterprise must from the payroll deposit in full payment, the insufficient part from construction the project in advance.

highlights five: wages serious or refused to correct the enterprise will enter the year integrity blacklist". The banks and insurance institutions shall incorporate the "blacklist" of enterprises and legal persons into their respective credit systems and be connected with the credit management, and restrict them to the financial activities such as credit, guarantee, financing and so on. The industrial and commercial administrative departments should be included in the enterprise credit supervision exception list, development and reform, by the letter, land and other departments in the project approval, market access, qualification, construction permits, the project financed by distinction, bidding and supervision departments should strictly examine qualification, by the relevant departments shall be ordered to pay overdue payment, cancel the corporate and legal tender in the province all kinds of construction project bidding qualification within 3 years.


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