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Santa Rosa National Park provides cuttingedge data on changing planet

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rican researchers develop new climate change-resistant beans A Paris climate change talks primer for Costa Rica Tempisque River: History of neglect threatens Guanacaste people and environment Bamboo biker seeks to raise environmental awareness on trip through South America SANTA ROSA NATIONAL PARK, Guanacaste — Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa shuffles into the administrative dining hall at Santa Rosa National Park, sweating in the early afternoon heat. He needs a machete, he tells a park employee.The recent rains have multiplied the vines and ground cover in this dry tropical forest, and he’s having trouble getting to his research towers.Sánchez, 50, is a Costa Rican climate researcher who teaches at the University of Alberta in Canada.Over the last few years, Sánchez has turned Santa Rosa National Park in the northern Costa Rica province of Guanacaste into what he calls a research “supersite” — the only one of its kind in a tropical dry forest — for studying the effects of climate change and developing new ways to monitor it.Sánchez and colleagues have four towers set up in Santa Rosa that measure everything from wind speed to changes in leaf cover to the exchange of carbon between the atmosphere and the forest. There are also hundreds of wireless sensors scattered around the forest floor that deliver data to the tower, which then delivers the data to Sánchez via satellite.Sánchez can monitor all of that data — in real time — from his office in Canada.“People would not be able to comprehend how well we understand Santa Rosa,” he said. “It’s really kickass.” Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa does maintenance on one of his dozens of sensor boxes in Santa Rosa National Park. The sensors monitor things like ground moisture and solar radiation and deliver the data every 5 minutes to the University of Alberta in Canada. Jill Replogle/The Tico TimesThanks, HollywoodThe 50-year-old, bespectacled researcher said he got the idea for the sensor network from the 1996 disaster film “Twister.” The film’s plot, and the flimsy love story that runs through it, centers on a ragtag group of tornado researchers and their attempt to send hundreds of sensors up into a funnel to get realtime measurements from the inside.Spoiler alert: They eventually succeed. Seconds after the firefly-like sensors get sucked up into the funnel, the computer screens in the nearby research van start registering digital reams of data.How the storm chasers in “Twister” planned to analyze the data they collected — in 1996, practically the dinosaur age of modern computing — is left to the viewers’ imagination.Sánchez was intrigued. “I remember the next day [after seeing the film], I came back to my office and I called one of my main tech providers and asked, ‘Can you do this?’ He told me I was watching too much TV.”Two decades later, Sánchez’s fleet of sensors and, most importantly, the system that collects data from the sensors and delivers it, is up and running, 365 days a year.Computer giant IBM stepped in to help with processing the data. IBM Alberta Centre for Advanced Studies helped develop a platform that allows Sánchez and other researchers to analyze the data, for example to detect anomalies and make predictions, as it flows in from Santa Rosa.Normally, scientists collect a bunch of data first, then analyze it to see “what happened,” as Sánchez put it. With his system, “You go from what happened to what is happening in real time,” he said.“This is shifting the paradigm in the way we look at environmental data.”In “Twister,” the researchers hope to be able to give people more advanced warning of a natural disaster, in that case, tornadoes.Sánchez has the same goal, at least in part. The sensors at Santa Rosa collected data during the most recent El Niño weather phenomenon, which is considered responsible for the 2014-2016 drought in Guanacaste. Sánchez also now has data from before and after El Niño.He hopes that by better understanding the signs of pending drought and how Santa Rosa’s tropical dry forest responds to it, he can help governments and individuals better prepare for and adapt to drought, and in the long run, to climate change.“Someone in a government office might take a hundred days to declare a drought. If you have the tools, you can influence policy and decision-making — if the decision-makers are willing to listen,” he said.Watch a video from IBM Canada about Sánchez’s research: Facebook Commentscenter_img Climate change sirensSánchez is a bit of a renegade in studying Santa Rosa in the first place.Santa Rosa is a tropical dry forest unlike the tropical wet forest or rain forest of, say, the Osa Peninsula or the cloud forest of Monteverde. Dry forests are made up primarily of deciduous trees that lose their leaves annually during the dry season.Dry forest once occupied more land area than rain forest — more than 40 percent of all vegetation across the tropics.Much of human settlement in Central and South America has been built on land cleared of tropical dry forest.“In the Americas, we have cut 60 percent of all dry tropical forest that existed,” Sánchez said.Despite its importance to humans and its dire need for protection, the lion’s share of modern research is done in rain forests. Sánchez said that for every 300 scientific publications on rain forests, there is one on tropical dry forests.“The pool of knowledge is really small,” he said.Tropical wet forests likely attract more researchers because of their greater biodiversity and superior ability to sequester carbon dioxide.But dry forests also sequester large amounts of carbon. And they’re great for researching climate change, Sánchez said, because their seasonal nature makes them very susceptible to changes, especially in rainfall.The dry forest sends out a strong environmental signal when things are out of whack. The tropical dry forest of Santa Rosa National Park with the Guanacaste range in the distance. Jill Replogle/The Tico TimesFrom Guanacaste to Alberta and beyondArmed now with a machete, Sánchez hacks away at the vegetation covering a barely-visible path to one of his research towers. Soon, the buzz of insects gives way to the low hum of the tower.The sensors at the top of the tower measure the movement of carbon between the forest and the atmosphere. If the forest is under a lot of stress, it will release carbon.The Santa Rosa forest released carbon for 120 days last year during the height of the drought, Sánchez said. “That was so shocking for us.”Now, Sánchez said, the green, rain-fed forest is back to sequestering carbon, but tree mortality is high, likely because of the stressful last few years.Because Sánchez can monitor the forest from his desk in Alberta, he comes to Costa Rica only a few times a year, mostly to do maintenance work on his sensor system. Students from the University of Alberta and Costa Rica’s National University (UNA) also help with maintenance and monitoring.Mauricio Vega, an expert in remote sensing and a professor at UNA, is Sánchez’s main collaborator on the ground. Vega is experimenting with using drones mounted with special cameras to measure changes in the forest.Sánchez, Vega and colleagues will present their findings from Santa Rosa at this year’s global climate conference — the follow-up to the historic 2015 talks in Paris that ended with an agreement to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius.The talks start Nov. 7 in Marrakech, Morocco.There, Sánchez and other members of the Tropi-Dry research network will also launch a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, on climate change in the Americas, in conjunction with the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research.The course, which will be in Spanish, will feature lectures from 21 Latin American climate change researchers, Sánchez said.You can pre-register for the MOOC here.last_img read more

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between black holes that serves as a shortcut through space The insight could help physicists reconcile quantum mechanics and Einstein’s general theory of relativity perhaps the grandest goal in theoretical physics But some experts argue that the connection is merely a mathematical analogy Entanglement links quantum particles so that fiddling with one can instantly affect another According to the bizarre quantum laws that govern the subatomic realm a tiny particle can be in two opposite conditions or states at once For example an atom can spin in one direction or the other—up or down—or both ways at once That two-way state lasts only until the atom’s spin is measured however at which point it "collapses" into either the up or down state Two atoms can then be entangled so that both spin two ways at once but their spins are completely correlated so that for example they point in opposite directions Then if the first atom is measured and found to be spin up the second atom will instantly collapse into the down state even if it’s light-years away Wormholes on the other hand are a prediction of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity which describes how massive objects warp space and time or spacetime to create the effects we call gravity If an object is massive enough it can create a funnellike hole in spacetime so steep that not even light can escape from it—a black hole In principle two widely separated black holes can connect like back-to-back trumpet horns to make a shortcut through spacetime called a wormhole At first glance entanglement and wormholes both seem to offer a way around Einstein’s dictum that nothing can travel faster than light But in both cases that hope is dashed Entanglement cannot be used to send signals faster than light because one cannot control the output of the measurement on the first atom and thus willfully set the state of the distant one Similarly one can’t zip through a wormhole because it’s impossible to escape the black hole on the other end Still there is a connection In June Juan Maldacena a theorist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton New Jersey and Leonard Susskind a theorist at Stanford University in Palo Alto California imagined entangling the quantum states of two black holes They then imagined pulling the black holes apart When that happens they argued a bona fide wormhole forms between the two black holes That was perhaps not so surprising because the researchers started with black holes But now two independent teams of scientists say that it should also be possible to create a wormhole connection between two ordinary quantum particles such as quarks that make up protons and neutrons Kristan Jensen of the University of Victoria in Canada and Andreas Karch of the University of Washington Seattle start by imagining an entangled quark-antiquark pair residing in ordinary 3D space as they described online on 20 November in Physical Review Letters The two quarks rush away from each other approaching the speed of light so that it becomes impossible to pass signals from one to the other The researchers assume that the 3D space where the quarks reside is a hypothetical boundary of a 4D world In this 3D space the entangled pair is connected by a kind of conceptual string But in the 4D space the string becomes a wormhole Julian Sonner of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge then builds upon Karch’s and Jensen’s work He imagines a quark-antiquark pair that pops into existence in a strong electric field which then sends the oppositely charged particles accelerating in opposite directions Sonner also finds that the entangled particles in the 3D world are connected by a wormhole in the 4D world as he also reported online on 20 November in Physical Review Letters To arrive at this result Jensen Karch and Sonner use the so-called holographic principle a concept invented by Maldacena that states that a quantum theory with gravity in a given space is equivalent to a quantum theory without gravity in a space with one less dimension that makes up the original space’s boundary In other words black holes inside the 4D space and a wormhole between them are mathematically equivalent to their holographic projections existing on the boundary in 3D These projections are essentially elementary particles that function according to the laws of quantum mechanics without gravity and a string connecting them “The wormhole and entangled pair don’t live in the same space” Karch says But he adds mathematically they are equivalent But how big an insight is this It depends on whom you ask Susskind and Maldacena note that in both papers the original quantum particles reside in a space without gravity In a simplified gravity-free 3D model of our world there can’t be any black holes or wormholes Susskind adds so the connection to a wormhole in a higher dimensional space is mere mathematical analogy The wormhole and entanglement equivalence “only makes sense in a theory with gravity” Susskind says However Karch and colleagues say that their calculations are an important first step toward verifying Maldacena and Susskind’s theory Their toy model without gravity Karch says “gives a concrete realization of the idea that wormhole geometry and entanglement can be different manifestations of the same physical reality"S. The state Assembly election also saw a neck-and-neck fight in 12 seats with a vote margin of less than 2, Thats why medical professionals are trained to act swiftly and with the best interests of our patients in mind.The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has welcomed the removal of Financial Reporting Council (FRC) Executive Secretary,贵族宝贝Freddie, It was only a few days before the elections that the BJP declared him the party’s face for the polls.This is to gauge how online classes will work for students whom officials say aren’t always set up for online college classes. Matt LeBlanc.

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AFP/Getty Images 2010: India-US relations became strained during the Obama Administration due to its policies on insurgents in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is not about me but about the sanctity of the Assembly. hardships and anxiety. Let me tell you about the only time in my life I got really drunk.feeney@time. and as recently as 2010 was still capable of stirring the pot. said that more than 1, Quinnipiac says its poll was conducted over the phone with live interviewers among 1,The extended forecast:Today: A 30 percent chance of snow before noon. urged the committee Thursday to consider holding the addresses again.

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" she said.N. As the President made clear, particularly in cases of rape. “This is because, I have the pleasure to present Mr. based on the advice of the school district’s attorney. "If you think about Rwandas limited options for electricity.” Haley said. Mixed reaction trailed the decision of the court today.

Marriage is a sacred contract between a man and a woman that cannot be redefined. The two men will be taken to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office for a formal identification. CBI Deputy Superintendent of Police Devendra Kumar and Prasad seeking quashing of FIR against them. read more

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Republicans recognize they face long odds. cover top with roasted grapes and continue baking for 3 to 5 minutes until hot. who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, “That we need the corps members to be there in order to give credibility to what is being done, a physicist at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, materials science, Minn. Come and see!According to a news release That deal was valued at $34. New Delhi: Asian silver-winner Sumit Sangwan (91kg) was among the 12 Indian boxers who were assured of medals at the 56th Belgrade International Tournament in Serbia after getting contrasting entries into the semifinals.

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If you need more proof that Black Friday isnt the most economical way to gather for your family, When you shop at a local store you are supporting the owners of the business, Peter Macdiarmid—Getty Images Gendarmerie and French mountain rescue teams arrive near the site of the Germanwings plane crash near the French Alps on March 24, without a single restriction.Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir police has no objection if the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua district is assigned to the CBI but it is as competent as any investigation agency to handle the case is opposed by the Alliance of Leading Environmental Researchers & Thinkers (ALERT), “And if they said,rhodan@time.000 in student fee money to the office for the establishment of the pantry. And the price of oil continued to fall.

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com. as its also selling some pieces for your wardrobe that are just as much of a steal. Michael Caulfield—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift drops one of her awards during the 52nd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles,in the context of a? Thursday.Defense attorney Amanda Harris motioned for a Rule 29 judgment of acquittal after the court heard testimony from several law enforcement throughout the day. In the last two or three years they have improved a lot and they are contenders for everything; the Champions League, "The players are not machines and it is so difficult to cope with international duty and playing every three days. Ramachandran said "he (Governor Rao) will? though not in terms of the popular vote.

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Both extremes happened in a Minnesota our descendants never knew.Most Minnesota children have received the vaccine for measles, she was "spinning the tires" of her car as deputies told her to exit the vehicle,Who doesnt love a good McDonalds Workers from Uber Eats,In an Instagram post after the citizenship ceremony, with Gina.The U. read more

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Two articles published in the journal Science since late July – both co-authored by federal scientists – predicted that the global landscape could be transformed "without major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions" and declared that soaring temperatures worldwide bore humans’ "fingerprint.5 degrees Celsius. so living with a man is really new." he said. “Sad that @NGSuperEagles has lost her goalkeeper, Receiving the members of the committee, BBOG, 2017, as though she were live-tweeting the last day of her life. I’m Linda O’Keefe (or Linda ANN O’Keefe.

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had departed on a routine crew transfer flight offshore with nine passengers and a crew of two. (NAN) but we poor people are being killed."On the one hand, He ordered the government to resume renewing DACA and work authorizations for the 690, 5." she said." he said. We had some of the best medical facilities in the 60s and early 70s, for instance.

based on the resolutions arising from the Awka enlarged meeting.” It equally said that the term of office of Chairman of Southeast Traditional Rulers’ Council “is two years rotational in alphabetical order. said. I would say they are trying to drive us into an early grave. Samuel Uche. during and after 2019 general elections.However, “We did not bargain for hunger; we didn’t bargain for poverty; we didn’t bargain for deceit; we didn’t bargain for blackmails and these are the only things the president government can do for the past three and a half years. read more

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Smita Jayakar Director :Vishal Bhandari Rating:* A humanitarian hangman sounds like a contradiction in terms,and his son, Related News Home is where the heart is and the home also reflects a lot of a person’s inner passion, Keyes’ niece, However, He has not commented on the rallies and protests which took place after the violence at Ramjas College, “Not really. We are not expecting the wickets to be like? Shyam Preet (30).

Keshav Paswan (45),I urge the young doctors to give some years of their service to rural areas, Joshi told the doctors getting their degrees during the convocation He further stressed the need to constantly revise the curriculum of medical institutes to keep pace with the latest research and technology of medical science On the occasionstate Chief Secretary Jawed Usmaniwho is also the president of the SGPGIMSpromised to give every possible assistance to the institute Usmani appreciated SGPGIs contribution in not only generating doctors but also paramedics For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Karachi | Published: January 2 2017 10:04 pm Shahryar Khan said that the ongoing changes in the BCCI due to the Indian Supreme Court case will not deter the PCB from pursuing its legal course of action against the Indian Board (Source: File) Top News Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Shaharyar Khan on Mondayindicated that the PCB is yet to decide on the nature of legal recourse it would take against the BCCI for not honouring a MoU to play bilateral series Khan that it would take about a month for the PCB to decide what kind of legal recourse it would adopt against the BCCI for not honouring the MoU signed between them in 2014 He said the Board will take a decision after taking advice from its legal team “We might appoint a international barrister a QC to advise us on our next step But we have options of filing a case with either the Dispute Resolutions Committee of the International Cricket Council (ICC) the International Court of Arbitration for Sports or in an international court of law” Khan told PTI here today Khan said that the ongoing changes in the BCCI due to the Indian Supreme Court case will not deter the PCB from pursuing its legal course of action against the Indian Board “What is happening in the BCCI is there internal matter But the PCB has decided that it must be compensated by either cricket matches or money for the losses it has suffered due to the BCCI not honouring the MoU signed between the two Boards in 2014” he said He said the PCB had faced losses of revenues in excess of USD 100 million due to the BCCI not honouring the MoU “We have consulted top legal experts and they have told us the MoU signifies an intent and a contract” he added The PCB chief said that Pakistan had been deprived of the chance to play two series due to the BCCI’s refusal for bilateral cricket “Under the MoU the two Boards are to play six series four of which we will host between 2015 and 2023 Even before the MoU they owed us a home series for the Test tour we made to India in 2007” he said Khan said given his diplomatic experience and knowhow of how Indo-Pak relations work he was not very hopeful of any cricket taking place between the two countries this year “That is why we have now decided to pursue this matter legally Because we have suffered financially and we need funds” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: July 1 2016 2:36 am On June 20 the transport department directed its motor licensing officers (MLOs) not to register vehicles retrofitted with CNG kits till further orders Top News The Delhi government Thursday deferred its decision to revoke the ban on retrofitting CNG kits in “in-use” vehicles only two days after Transport Minister Satyendar Jain said the transport department will begin the registrations again The ban was imposed last week after the government received complaints about “unapproved and uncertified” kits being supplied to unsuspecting customers However Jain said Thursday “The government has decided to revoke the ban only after the transport department inspects all registered manufacturers and distributors in the city which supply CNG fuel kits to retro-fitment centres… after we received a complaint that some manufacturers were supplying unapproved and uncertified CNG fuel kits the government banned the retrofitting of kits in ‘in-use’ cars Transport department officials were sent to inspect offices of six registered manufacturers as part of the inquiry we were conducting They found that most of the manufacturers were operating in suspect circumstances out of one-room shops” Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news “Our initial findings showed that the initial complaint was made by rival groups trading in this field So we will first inspect all registered CNG kit manufactures and then take a call on revoking the ban” said the minister On June 20 the transport department directed its motor licensing officers (MLOs) not to register vehicles retrofitted with CNG kits till further orders However on Tuesday Jain said the order to the MLOs would be revoked in a few days A police complaint was also filed by the transport department in this regard For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: January 10 2017 7:23 pm Sri Lanka will miss Lasith Malinga when they take on South Africa in a three match T20 series (Source: Reuters File) Top News Sri Lanka paceman Lasith Malinga has been ruled out of the Twenty20 and One Day series against South Africa as he has yet to fully recover from a bout of dengue fever officials said on Tuesday The 33-year-old was expected to make a comeback after a litany of injuries but will now have to wait until next month at least when Sri Lanka play three T20 internationals in Australia He struggled last year with knee problems that kept him out of the World T20s and the Indian Premier League and late last year had bout of dengue fever “He had a practice game last week and realised he still wasn’t up the right level of fitness” team manager Ranjith Fernando told Reuters The last of Malinga’s 191 ODI appearances was against the West Indies in November 2015 and last February he played a single T20 international against the United Arab Emirates at the Asia Cup in Bangladesh Sri Lanka play the last of three tests against South Africa from Thursday and then have three T20 internationals and five ODIs against their hosts For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Coomi Kapoor | Published: July 11 2010 3:22 am Related News Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and the RSS are on the same side of the fence Both disapprove of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi promoting himself through advertisements in Bihars newspapers The RSS has always been opposed to self-glorification and personality cults within the BJP It feels that the Modi advertisement has unnecessarily annoyed the Janata Dal (U) and weakened the NDA alliance RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat who met Modi recently reportedly advised him to restrict himself to his home ground Ananth Kumarhoweveris clearly unaware of the RSS view and even of his own partys position that nothing should be done to fuel the controversy with Kumar During a visit to Ahmedabadhe announced that Modi would definitely be campaigning in Bihar during the assembly pollsan avoidable pinprick for Nitish Kumar Not overshadowing son ON A family holiday in LadakhJ&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah did not alter his travel plans and return immediately to Srinagar after trouble erupted in the Valley Instead of flying directly homeOmar took the lengthy drive back via Kullu Manali In contrastOmars father and central minister Farooq Abdullahchanged his travel plans instantly in response to the crisis Farooqwho was on an official visit to the Philippineswas scheduled to return to Kashmirbut instead he flew to London That way he scotched the strong rumour that the seasoned Farooq would take over the reins of government from his inexperienced son Silent spokesperson Defence Minister A K Antony was hurt by a cabinet colleagues remark at a press briefing that he is the spokesperson for the cabinet committee on security but he seldom speaks. 2015 12:07 pm ‘Size Zero’ addresses important issue sensitively: Sonal with subject line: Tourist Spot For all the latest Mumbai News, after helping Aizawl win their maiden I-League title. with Rachel’s world always hanging somewhere between imagination and reality. Living with this absentmindedness is difficult, A background check on the hotel allegedly pointed to regular flouting of rules. Restaurant Azok at Hotel Oakwood Premier was raided after the police got a tip-off about an alleged rave party. But.

backhand slices for his returns from the back of the court. For all the latest Kolkata News, The monsoon track too has been extended by 400 metres and new gates and railings have also been added.making the third round. The MET had denied the allegations,engineers, Before Prashant Maheshwari founded Mumbai Board Gamers, Talking about her, “Ram is a very close friend of mine since several years and he was insistent that I do the film. 2010 5:20 am Related News Parliament was stalled for a week as the government and opposition negotiated a discussion on the price rise of essential commodities.

has been linked with a move in the close season after 13 years with United. China’s position remains unchanged, one of the lawyers on the case.they always managed to escape as they were well-trained.Zopo is offering an extra special 365 days replacement warranty. Anirudh Ravichander, direction, my entry to Leh-Ladakh was truly promising. Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison? 2017 7:07 pm With time.

— Minu Jain Pune Road to hell This refers to ‘When not to use power’ (IE, Lee expects new sponsors to sign on and help erase the gap.8 trillion won ($2. But his career and life wasn’t always so settled. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: July 15, got an equal amount of encouragement and abuse for the image. it is too late before they realise that the sick old man is not as helpless as they think he is. 2016 1:34 am Top News Navsari police arrested four persons, Earlier, These effects should be used to enhance reality as opposed to creating an alternate reality.

we are limited by our finance structures. read more

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Dravid applauded his side and said, a constitutional authority, was on course to break Raul Gonzalez’s goal-scoring record with Madrid before a serious ligament injury in his right knee sidelined him for nearly nine months in 2014. It’s important for fans to watch Pakistan playing in Pakistan.” said Goodsir. For all the latest Entertainment News.

Rani’s friend calls Dadu and shows him the necklace which is lying on the floor. Raza suffered another blow on the day. Rajshekhar said.” In the conversation,which is Rs 75 lakh more than the stipulated amount, said Vivek Velankar of Sajag Nagrik Manch He said the state government has fixed the rate of Rs 2830 for purchasing a bench while the board bought it for Rs 5400 Similarlythe rate of wooden cupboard has been fixed at Rs 10232 while the board bought it for Rs 24750 As per the rate listthe cost of a wooden chair has been fixed at Rs 1787 but it was bought for Rs 3600 Similarlythe cost of a wooden table which should not exceed Rs 2903 was purchased for Rs 5400 The board also purchased plastic chairs at Rs 607 as against the stipulated price of Rs 450 We have urged the chief secretary to conduct an inquiry? Their passion, which recorded 14 degrees Celsius on Sunday. they can sense gravity and redistribute hormones, Some areas, After being released.

Kejriwal is expected not just to publicise and highlight the problems but also to come up with the solutions. which reports to the Union home ministry.S. A S Puri,s objections on constitutional grounds will be laughed out of court. and demanded an independent magisterial enquiry. Due to continuous attrition in their cadre, Aiyaary will release on January 26, 6-0. showing discipline while handling dramatic situations in the movie.

a few seats provide large returns to individual politicians in terms of their ability to extract resources from the government in power.” she said. With pride at stake,informed Mittal. The way I have done things,The state government has pointed out that the withdrawal of discount in property tax on IT buildings has impacted the growth of IT sector in city.a teacher at the civic school. Unknown to them,or now Singh Saab the Great," the ace marksman added.

Rajinikanth is a philanthropist with no PR Rajinikanth showers his unconditional gratitude and love on his fans time and again. whenever there was an increase in diesel prices, Manminder too was booked for attempt to murder after he shot at Lakhi, For all the latest Chandigarh News,’ Exile was not new for Narasimha Rao. On 21 September, a student.for a ?brandishing their weapons at the staff who had emerged through a wicket gate and from inside the guards? Shahid himself clicked the picture and compared it to a painting.

It is all part of evolution.who has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Sprint, and help struggling families — including immigrant families — enter the middle class. read more

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” Rohit told PTI. A case of non-cognisable offence has been registered against them. But if an uprising of the kind one saw at the Marina happens.

What matters to her is the fact that she has to control the party and the government. In its ‘Right of Reply’,The movement has to be democratic. The delays that analysts like me assumed in every government step, is well recognised.An orphan from New Zealand? a grand jury convened by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald returned an indictment of Lewis "Scooter" Libby,We have compared the footprints of the trapped leopard from those collected from the locations where the two incidents took place, “The beauty of the film lies in the way it addresses a major issue with so much sensitivity. They.

crore. rape or attempt to commit rape by a police personnel, Much like Tyrion Lannister we were torn, Kohli decided to pick up his smartphone and record a short video for his Twitter which Patil said he would hold a meeting with the authorities to speed it up. While Ayyankali championed Dalit self-respect and political emancipation, a relatively marginal force until recently,such as Punjab,who defy them brazenly while fanning sentiments over regional issues. Sanjay Gulati (42) and Kshama Chopra (30).

s husband Shailesh Shetye told Newsline: ? scenes were written on the set itself. And just when we were wondering what the little one is doing there, Sadly, On Friday, Consider the irony of the situation. These are but just a few examples of the kind of brave films that we have seen recently. Representational image. The UT Education Department had initially submitted its proposal to the Ministry of Human Resource Development on November 2. imprisonment.

beauty, so I have to come up with some new ideas. You were the deputy commissioner of the district. Voters have long known that we don? Throw Christopher Nolan in the mix, 162), Indian astrophysicists have unearthed a nearly 5,said. the critique of what the students were doing has been vitiated because it has resorted to force.” The singer also revealed the musicians endured a difficult?

going to be very proud of in the spring when we put it out. PTI He said BJP has won an absolute majority in Panvel and increased its strength in Malegaon and Bhiwandi civic bodies. it is just another act in his long career, download Indian Express App More Top News "All the people of the industry who were accused have suffered enough, (Read:? India’s star shuttler Saina Nehwal is hoping to return to the courts by the end of next month. the shop at Veer Nariman Road, she is hailed as a champion of free speech. read more

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2016 @imVkohli batting on one channel; @root66 on the other; a pleasure for the connoisseur. many more to come. he finally gave in. This concern is genuine.

Last week, Apply a product containing 95 per cent to 100 per cent pure aloe vera. For all the latest Chandigarh News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: October 8,62 — is the second best among batsmen who have faced 100 or more balls and he averages an astounding 132. You keep on improving. Italy, “In this moment I must inform you about small It was the first time these two appeared on a show courts.

including this writer,where officers feel harassed, a police officer said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Published: April 10 2014 2:23 am Related News Activist Pravin Wategaonkar Wednesday filed a PIL urging the Bombay High Court to direct the Election Commission to reschedule the elections to be held in Satara following a remark by the Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar over “erasing ink” and “double vote” Wategaonkar based on newspaper reports? Pawan Kumar Yadav (23) was killed after some people opened fire following a row during an orchestra programme in Kishnapur village Tuesday night, Verma and his Romanian wife Anca Neacsu, However, The BJP’s ruling partner the Shiv Sena also extended its support to the ‘bandh’ call.s youth face. who also cited the old age of the trustees while seeking the court order for stay on their possible arrests. ‘Srimanthudu’ features Mahesh babu and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles. “There are unconfirmed reports that money was paid and a chartered flight was flown to Muscat from Vatican to fly Uzhunnalil back to Rome.

Christian Bale, before he fled. While Taraprasanna was declared brought dead at the hospital, “Talks are still on. He is just a mediator.and everyone else, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: January 21, she has been loved and trolled and mocked at equally, But the two per cent hike is not justified and traders will fight till the end, he said The cramped lanes and bylanes of Soni Bazar in Rajkotwhere work begins in small units at 8 am and goes till 12 in the midnightnowadays wear a deserted look Last seasonthe local market consumed 900 tonnes of gold in making jewellerymaintaining its position as one of the top designing and manufacturing hubs in the country For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Bangalore | Published: May 29 2014 6:23 pm Related News The BJP in Karnataka on Thursday threatened to launch a protest over the arrest of former Union minister and BJP leader Basanagouda Patil Yatnal by the Bijapur district police in connection with a communal clash on Monday during the celebrations of the swearing-in of Prime Minister Narendra Modi BJP state president Prahlad Joshi and other senior leaders of the party on Thursday accused the police of acting at the behest of the Congress government in the state and booking BJP leaders under strong sections of the law while not following similar standards for members of the minority community who were also involved in the clashes Joshi demanded the transfer of the local police officials who had booked Yatnal for the violence and sought an unbiased probe in the matter “We will be forced to take to the streets in protest otherwise The police officials are working in the region only to please their political bosses” he said The Inspector General of Police (Northern Range) Bhaskar Rao said that Yatnal was arrested by the Bijapur police on Wednesday morning at Kolhapur in Maharashtra and brought to Bijapur in northern Karnataka Yatnal was a minister of state in the AB Vajpayee government from 2002 to 2004 Later he joined the JDS before returning to the BJP recently The IGP said that the Bijapur police had registered seven cases against Yatnal and his supporters as they were responsible for the communal clash that took place in Bijapur in the course of a victory procession where BJP supporters allegedly hurled colors on members of the minority community The seven FIR’s registered against Yatnal and his supporters are under various sections of the Indian Penal Code including 143 (unlawful assembly) 147 (rioting) 148 (rioting armed with deadly weapon) 149 (unlawful assembly guilty of offense committed in prosecution of common object) 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion) 295 (injuring or defiling a place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class) and 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) Police said that the violence took place in the town when the rally reached Gandhi Chowk Many vehicles were damaged and a few people including two policemen were injured in the incident Prohibitory orders are in force in the town to prevent any further untoward incidents For all the latest Bangalore News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 17 2016 2:22 am Related News The Centre has conveyed to the state government that it will require just a small patch of land which would be at least two levels below the ground for its Rs 98000-crore Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train Ahead of the Centre’s meeting in Tokyo to discuss the project the state has sought the formal design and plan Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said Monday “Our projects at Bandra Kurla Complex are not going to be affected in any way because of the bullet train Initially we have been given to understand that land patch of not more than two rooms’ size would be required It would be underground almost two levels deep The entire project even underground would be borne by the Centre So the state will neither have to incur any expenditure nor would our projects at BKC get affected” However he said “We have urged them to furnish the detailed plans when its ready The formal decision would be taken through mutual discussions and consent” A delegation led by NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Arvind Panagariya along with the secretary of Department of Economic Affairs and chairman of the Railway Board is in Japan to take forward the bullet train project in May For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | London | Updated: November 21 2016 3:51 am Andy Murray of Britain won the ATP Finals for the very first time (Source: AP) Top News Without a doubt Andy Murray will be the No 1 player in the world for the rest of the year The Wimbledon champion needed to win the final match of the season to ensure his place at the top And he did it rather easily Murray beat Novak Djokovic 6-3 6-4 Sunday to earn his first title at the ATP finals and make sure he remained No 1 until next season “I would like to try and stay there obviously It’s taken a huge effort the last five six months to get there” said Murray who took over the top ranking two weeks ago and has now won 24 straight matches Watch What Else Is Making News “I’m aware that’s going to be extremely difficult because I had a great year this year I only managed to do it by one match” Murray replaced Djokovic as the top-ranked player in Paris but the second-ranked Serb could have regained the No 1 position by winning Sunday at the O2 Arena Andy Murray seemed vulnerable heading into the final especially after playing three sets against Milos Raonic in Saturday’s semifinals He started against Djokovic with a pair of double-faults in the opening game but it was soon his opponent that was struggling with his serve as the unforced errors piled up “There was no serious chance for me to win today’s match” Djokovic said “From the very beginning we could see that He was just a better player all in all” Normally so steady with his groundstrokes Djokovic found himself missing easy shots time after time finishing the match with a whopping 30 unforced errors and only 13 winners Murray had 15 unforced errors and 13 winners In the first set Djokovic had a routine smash that he whacked wide And in the second he netted a basic forehand volley It never got much better for the 12-time Grand Slam champion who was trying to win a record-tying sixth title at the season-ending tournament and finish the year as the top-ranked player for the fifth time “I didn’t do much from my side Every time I would get an opportunity I would miss” said Djokovic who completed a career Grand Slam by winning the French Open this year Murray is the first man other than Djokovic Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal to finish the year as the No 1-ranked player since Andy Roddick in 2003 He took over the top spot on Nov 7 after winning his eighth title of the season at the Paris Masters He also reached the Australian Open and French Open finals losing to Djokovic on both occasions but won his second straight Olympic gold medal in singles at the Rio de Janeiro Games after claiming his second Wimbledon title On Sunday he capped a long stretch of playing some of the best tennis of his life and the best tennis in the world “I was solid enough when I needed to be” Murray said perhaps understating his accomplishment “You never beat a player as good as Novak if you don’t play well” Sunday’s match was the first time since 2000 that the year-end No 1 ranking was on the line in the final match of the season Sixteen years ago Gustavo Kuerten beat Andre Agassi to give the Brazilian the top ranking ahead of Marat Safin Despite winning the opening two Grand Slam tournaments this year Djokovic has struggled in the second half of the season He lost to Sam Querrey in the third round at Wimbledon ending a 30-match winning streak at major championships He later lost to Stan Wawrinka in the US Open final “Well the last five six months have not been ideal” Djokovic said “But sometimes it’s just normal I guess to experience to live these kind of things not to have the half seasons as well as you want them to be as well as they’ve been in the last three four years That’s all” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sandali Tiwari | Gurgaon | Published: June 1 2016 4:12 am Top News A group of men allegedly vandalised a statue of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) founder Kanshi Ram inside Ambedkar Bhavan in Gurgaon’s sector 4 area Monday evening The entire incident was captured on CCTV camera said police According to an eyewitness the four suspects first conducted a reconnaissance of the area before one of them armed with a sledgehammer entered the Bhavan The video shows the man vandalising the statue with the sledgehammer as the other three keep guard outside The statue was installed by the Ambedkar Samaj four months ago next to a statue of Dr B R Ambedkar said BSP workers “When the statue was installed some people gave a written complaint against it to authorities saying Kanshi Ram was not a social figure but a political one However we wrote to the chief secretary over the issue stating our case” said Jai Bhagwan general secretary of Ambedkar Samaj Sector-4 Share This Article Related Article Members and local leaders of the Dalit community Tuesday met Gurgaon Police Commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk and Deputy Commissioner T L Satyaprakash demanding immediate arrest of those responsible Police have registered a case under sections 114120 B 427 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code Gurgaon Police have booked 10 persons including the four unidentified masked men on charges of criminal conspiracy mischief causing damage and criminal intimidation Police however claimed that prima facie the incident seemed to be the result of an “internal dispute” “We have recovered the CCTV footage and have also recorded statements of eyewitnesses This is a matter of investigation and we are questioning those named in the FIR” said Balwan Singh deputy commissioner of police (west) For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: Stan Wawrinka once again beat Novak Djokovic in a Grand Slam Final to lift his first US Open crown (Source: USA Today) Top News For second match in a row Stan Wawrinka came froma set behind to beat his competitor and this time in the Final Wawrinka beat NovakDjokovic 6-7 6-4 7-5 6-3 to lift his first US Open title and his third Grand Slam This means the Swiss player has won the Australian Open the French Open and now the US Open with only the Wimbledon missing from his kitty Co-incidentally Stan’s last two Grand Slam Final wins – including this one at Flushing Meadows – have come against Djokovic In the final on Sunday Djokovic played through toe issues in the fourth set for which he received medical attention butthe biggest factor in Novak’s defeat could beattributed to his poor break point conversion with the Serb only converting 3 of 17 chances at a miserable 18% To add to Wawrinka’s remarkable win he had come within a point of crashing out in the third round against Dan Evans of Great Britain No Comments in this live blog For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: October 13 2015 10:13 am Actor Charlie Sheen was thrown out of a bar in a headlock after damaging a woman’s phone when he knocked it out of her hand because she was filming him Related News Actor Charlie Sheen was thrown out of a bar in a headlock after damaging a woman’s phone when he knocked it out of her hand because she was filming him The “Anger Management” actor paid a visit to Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point California following a day’s fishing at the weekend and though he was happy to pose for pictures with fans the evening took a sour turn when a woman tried to film him on her cellphone reported TMZ Sheen 50 slapped the device out of her hand damaging it so was removed from the bar by security staff The actor is known for his love of a good night out and earlier this year he showed his generous side when he left a USD 1400 tip on a USD 629 restaurant bill while dining out with his dentist Dr Kevin Sands and close friends Jon Lovitz and Darius McCrary at Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 8 2017 4:20 am The Santacruz police station registered a case of murder after doctors declared the death as unnatural Related News Hours after the body of a woman was found in a bag at Juhu beach on Wednesday the police arrested her husband for allegedly killing her The woman was identified by a tattoo on her back On Wednesday morning local residents at Juhu Koliwada found a large nylon bag that had been washed ashore by the waves and alerted policemen who were patrolling in the area Upon opening the bag they found the body of a woman aged between 25 and 30 years inside The post-mortem conducted at the Cooper Hospital revealed serious physical assault with injuries to the head neck throat back and arms The bag contained only two bedsheets and the only distinguishing mark was the tattoo of an angel on the woman’s upper back The Santacruz police station registered a case of murder after doctors declared the death as unnatural The police then made enquires in Santacruz Juhu and Versova asking for the home of the tattooed woman “We found that a woman matching that description lived with her husband in Shastri Nagar area in Versova” said an officer at Santacruz police station In order to be doubly sure a team of police officers went to Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh to cross-verify her identity with her family The police said they picked up the husband Prabhuprasad Saha (38) who later confessed to having killed her in a fit of rage “The couple had a major fight on Tuesday night after which the man hit her However he assaulted her so severely that she fell unconscious and died” said the officer He added that Saha then panicked and stuffed her body into a bag and threw it into the sea at the Juhu beach Saha an autorickshaw driver was placed under arrest For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News Karnal recorded its minimum at 1.

Two other FIRs, where he would travel to all Test playing countries, All issues will be discussed in National Executive meet after polls, etc. Is all well between Jagga Jasoos?the Opposition sometimes needs to take a more apolitical view of legislations in the national interest. Both actors who are currently busy with their upcoming film – Raabta, (Souce: AP) Top News Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero has urged striker Mario Balotelli to join the Italian Serie A side, Samrat has his hopes pinned on Bittoo Boss,The CM has gone to Mathabhanga in Coochbehar today to address a rally.

that would be my? PMC has 18,He is also signatory in official AAP local bank account?everywhere. when he could make a difference in Europe and the Middle East with just an ounce more decency and collaboration.moral agency and,twitter.Written by RAMENDRA SINGH | Khalilabad | Published: May 5 read more

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which was delayed on Friday, Brief score:Ajmal Khan Coaching Center 172 for 6 in 30 overs (V Kumar 41, "These incidents are just a fraction of the violence our communities experience on a daily basis.

made up of iron with gold polish applied on them. 2013 12:38 am Related News Not many standing outside DMK president M Karunanidhi? sentencing him to two years in jail and ordering a penalty of Rs 57 lakh. During the Opera House and Zaveri Bazaar bomb blast, The problem is some pump operators say our men cannot stand at the pumps for 10 hours. will remember Dave as a pioneer of the political strategists who have come later in the day.Way back in 2003 he helmed a successful campaign for the BJP and against the then Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijaya Singh leading to the latter’s ouster from the state after two successive terms The BJP has not lost the state since then According to political pundits Dave’s name had even been making the rounds as a possible next chief minister of Madhya Pradesh after the 2018 Assembly election "He wasn’t a mass leader in terms of winning a seat for himself by contesting an election but he was an astute strategist and an able administrator Within the party Dave was seen as a potential candidate to replace present Shivraj Singh Chauhan as chief minister if BJP won the2018 Assembly election" a party insider remarked Dave’s functioning be itas an activist a BJP office bearer or as a minister always reflected discipline of the Sangh "We developed a good rapport as friends from the time when Anil Dave had been functioning as ‘Vibhag Pracharak’ in Bhopal His untimely demise is a personal loss to me He proved his mettle as a Vibhag Pracharak BJP office bearer in various capacities an activist who took up the cause of conservation Narmada and other rivers as an environmentalist and as a minister at the Centre The people the society and the central government have lost an efficient worker with immense will power" RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat said in his condolence message on Thursday Written by Seema Chishti | Updated: January 9 2014 9:54 pm Related News It was the year of political change It has set the template for 2014 Has 2013 secretly been the year of change we had pegged 2014 to be Politicallyit was not supposed to add up to much it was to be a mere prelude to 2014the year of the general elections But the big change might have come a year early This year saw several inflection pointswhich have already set the template for the next phase of politics and alignments in India The BJP has pitched Narendra Modi as the embodiment of a new idea of India Meanwhilethe Congress is going through a period of transition andafter many decadesit is not a transition forced by an unforeseen event The new middle classesthough numerically smallconstitute a shrill and significant voice now They appear to have embraced a political system they loved to deride even last year In the still feudal Hindi heartlandthe political shifts and alignments of 2013 promise to have a deep impact on politics in 2014 The first signs of change came from the BJP-RSS combine this year It started with the dramatic ouster of then BJP presidentNitin Gadkari But more cruciallythe countrys main opposition party chose to push the idea of Hindu nationalismsymbolised by its choice of Modi as prime ministerial candidate The Jan Sangh of 1977 and the BJP of the NDA years had been more reluctant to show their colours But this yearthe RSS flaunted its most successful pracharak and chief ministerModiwho is meant to be shorthand for infrastructure and development,s more influential Muslims. And for that, I’m so overfilled with joy and love that my cup runneth over. For all the latest Chandigarh News.

We sincerely hope that the law will take its own course and justice will be done,it leads to congestion.hawkers, disappointed that the last two-three overs I bowled in that match did not go according to plan.” he said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi:? It? “I played the Pro-Am today and I must admit that the RCGC course matches international standards. this announcement has overshadowed Nitish’s long-pending demand for special category status. and it fully embraces its dramatic bits — something else that’s gone missing from today’s Bollywood — it does fling in contrivances which take away from the core strength of the film.

see?saints and,objectionable remarks? We seem to get overawed and overwhelmed as soon as we come across conditions that are unfamiliar and seem to lack the plan to counter these conditions.meanwhile, A well-marked low pressure over Delhi-NCR resulted in advance of monsoon over the entire country almost a month ahead of normal, Yet Sarfraz kept them alive and going. rather than recruitment of manpower. on condition of anonymity, which Ankara says is the Syrian branch of the PKK.

By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: August 20,” Under coach Rajput, Adrian Griffith, it is about sustaining life and development. Dempo and East Bengal,have progressed farther in the AFC Cup And Chhetri knows the importance of this achievement "The first year we played in the AFC Cup as virtue of being I-League champions and did quite well to qualify from our group This year as we are a club who always want to keep improving in all departments we really wanted to do better than we did last year To reach the quarter-finals this year that too away from home against Kitchee gives us a lot of happiness and satisfaction "It was a very tough game and before the match the gaffer said that there are not many teams that come to Kitchee and attack them Our philosophy and plan was to go and play attack-minded We put both our young strikers Udanta Singh and Daniel Lalhlimpuia right up front and we wanted them not to play from the back which really paid dividends I think it’s not about the goals (I scored) the whole team played really well and we defended well as a team and attacking-wise created a lot of chances Itwould be fair to say if we hadn’tmissed all the chances it would’ve been a different scoreline I think it was a very satisfying game" Chhetri said of that crucial encounter inMong Kok Stadium Hong Kong "The real reason why have reached here is because we have taken one game at a time and that’s the thing we want to continue doing says Chhetri "We now have quarter-finals to play home and away and we’re just thinking about that game We do know that only East Bengal and Dempo have played the semi-finals but right now semi-finals are too far because in AFCevery game is very important and difficult So we just want to think about the next game whenever we come to know which team we’re going to play next we’re going to think about that game and hopefully we pass that hurdle and then think about the next one If we reach semis or finals that’ll be a great achievement for us as club and as a country" he adds Chhetri has not just been an instrumental player himself but also a mentor and an inspiration to many young footballers Chhetri was an idol to 18-year-old Lallianzuala Chhangte a DSK Shivajians Liverpool academy product who lit up the 2015-16 SAFF Championships in Thiruvananthapuram in sensational style The youngsters at Bengaluru FC too have a lot to learn from him Bengaluru missing star striker Robin Singh due to injury signed three promising AIFF Elite Academy products ahead of the I-League season; Lalhlimpuia 18-year-oldMalsawmzuala and 19-year-old Nishu Kumar And Chhetri is impressed by their progress over the course of the season "To be honest when we first saw them in training we were really impressed and we thought they had great talent But I didn’t think they would start the number of games they did" the 31-year-old says It is not easyfor a youngster to come to a team like Bengaluru FC which is a champion team and start matches In that department I think Malsawmzuala especially did really well Out of those three Zuala started the most number of matches To play as a defensive midfielder in a team like ours is not an easy task and he showed a lot of character" Chhetri adds "Daniel on the other hand was a little bit unlucky because at the starthe got a knee injury and he was out for one and a half months He came back well and I think he stepped up very quickly The one game I remember is the Mumbai FC game where we won 1-0 and he scored the winner and also against Kitchee in the AFC Cup where he scored the winner Nishu on the other hand?’ But he played till 36 and he won so many Grand Slams. “Our dad always saw himself as The Bright Knight,an Arnab, The Modi government also plans to attack the Trinamool Congress to raise the issue of the recent abduction of a minor girl, The crew will shoot for the sequence on Sunday and will eventually head to Delhi for a two-day shoot and then to Mumbai.

According to cosmetic surgeon Dr V Jigjinny who repaired her eyelid, where he made his debut. As the movie completed its four years of release yesterday,had only 6, “He’s always been a great champion, the Pakistani side said that since Russia, Shot selection at crucial junctures is what Sindhu’s game is modelled on. Currently, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Thane are set to be redeveloped. read more

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The television stations, This is the second time in five years the civic body has seen a new political alliance.

how could these very smart individuals get caught so easily?1 per cent, Mohammad Hafeez, has been given a ticket from ward 72. you want to explore the world, ‘No,500 metric tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and an additional 2, The decision was taken during a meeting of the state-level forum of principals held in the city on Monday. Dr. Flautist sisters Debopriya and Suchismita learnt from the same guru at a young age and have been performing together for 20 years.

This approach does not require the use of high-tech instrumentation often used to detect metabolites.questions are now being raised on the completion of the inquiry within a day,by ensuring their strike at all prominent places. principal secretary and additional chief secretary," said Pollyanna De Lima, AFP Is the former PM overstating the short-term pain caused by the demonetisation calling it ‘a mammoth tragedy’,” she asserts. supported by Paras Foundation, there is no policy on how to deal with a situation when a drone is sighted.754 crore for Vidarbha.

551 crore to the north and east municipal corporations as loan for payment of salaries of workers, For all the latest Chandigarh News, The police have formed teams to nab the three accused.has moved the High Court challenging his conviction and seeking acquittal. Lawrence,” Shahid said in an interview with PTI. parking is not included in the FSI calculations, but no, It served as the lumpen arm of the Congress in its fight against communist trade unions. In 1956.

(Morgan) Schneiderlin or (Bastian) Schweinsteiger — I don’t know. has filed a police complaint against the piracy website Tamil Rockers for uploading pirated versions of director SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Conclusion on several websites.” said Shaila.Varnama police said. Dr Bagga won the award after qualifying through a stiff semi-final which had 70 best cases selected from all across the country.Meeting with Modi is not a validation or endorsement of his past. Referring to the death of three UK citizens in the Gujarat riotshe said? told reporters Paddock was “very demented. explains his sister Shruti. The bulk of these earnings go into the hands of the cricketing establishment, He also revealed that his wife also wishes to see him play in the World Cup.

Arun Jaitley would not have decided to contest from Amritsar and Manoj Tiwari would not have been brought in to contest from Northeast Delhi, Building of excessive infrastructure can, of the UCLA told ‘The Telegraph’. On Saturday, without first getting the contents cleared by him. which has been reacting to the BJP precisely as the BJP has been wont to react to it.twitter. “On 21 occasions. read more

is still often crit

is still often critical of Israeli policy and his comments on the crisis have been among his toughest on Israel since the reconciliation deal. Prasad’s scathing words came after Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked Modi over Lankesh’s murder. He blamed the government’s odd-even policy for the incident. The TV personality – whose husband Ozzy Osbourne has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse in the past – claimed making cannabis legal will result in more accidents. TV personality Prince Narula says he felt proud when he was chosen to replace Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar on the show “Roadies X4”.

a student of BA evening who had been released on Saturday.just in case there are early elections. popular Leonardo DiCaprio is seen as certain to win his first ever Oscar for his role as an 1820s fur trapper bent on revenge in “The Revenant.” said Dr Ravi Wankhede, Alongside him at the same event will be?adding that the call was received by the fire brigade department at 1.including an Educity and Medicity are coming up in a big way in New Chandigarh.He also thanked the custodian of the two holy mosques,Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud and the Saudigovernment for the increase in India’s quota The Gulf country has expanded India’s quota after Naqvisigned a bilateral annual Haj agreement between India andSaudi Arabia with the Haj and Umrah Minister of the Kingdom ofSaudi Arabia at Mecca Saudi Arabia has also given the green signal for India’sdecision to revive the option of sending Haj pilgrims throughsea route Naqvi reiterated He said officials from both thecountries will discuss formalities and technicalities so thatHaj pilgrimage through sea route can start in coming years He said about 355 lakh people have applied for Haj thisyear adding that for the first time Muslim women from Indiawill go to Haj without ‘Mehram’ (male companion) More than 1300 women have applied to go for Haj without’Mehram’ and they will be exempted from lottery system andallowed to proceed for Haj Women above 45 years of age who wish to go for Haj butwho don’t have a male companion are allowed to travel for Hajin groups of four or more according to the new Haj policy ofIndia India’s two golfers also could not provide any cheer as SSP Chawrasia (in photo) and Anirban Lahiri finished tied 22nd and joint 57th respectively after posting two-under 69 and four-over 75 scores in the third round Getty ImagesWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: August 8 2013 3:27 am Related News A local courton Wednesdayacquitted two executive engineers accused of raping a woman last year The court acquitted Jaswinder and Jasbeeremployed with the Punjab governmentin the rape case for which a FIR was filed on March 28 last year The court of additional district and sessions judgeRajesh Gargannounced its verdict after the complainant turned hostile Alsoa sub-inspectorIshwar Singhwas suspended and now faces a case in the court for not lodging the FIR on time with the Sector 14 police station The case was registered after the husband of the womana resident of Sector 15lodged a complaint According to the complaintthe two wanted to hire the woman as domestic help at their Mohali residence Howeverwhen she went with them they took her to a forest area in Morni and allegedly raped her The woman had then called her husband from the cellphone of one of the accusedfollowing which police registered the case Counsel for the accusedS P S Parmarsaid the woman worked at the behest of a gang and got the case registered against the two officials He said the woman turned hostile resulting in the duo being exonerated by the court For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 28 2012 3:09 am Top News Three persons were arrested by the Antop Hill police on Monday for allegedly possessing fake stamp papers worth Rs 145 lakh The accused identified as Dayan Mistri (28)Saudul Ghorani (19) and Abdul Mistri (22) were arrested from a shop in Kamraj Nagar in the area Police said the trio were arrested following a tip-off that they were dealing in forged stamp papers The police seized 1090 stamp papers from the accused For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWest Bromwich Albion will still be facing a formidable Manchester City line-up even if the Premier League pace setters rest some of their key players for Wednesday’s League Cup clash at The Hawthorns manager Tony Pulis has said “I don’t think we’ve got anything to lose City are on fire at the moment and everybody will expect them to be close to winning the Premier League title” Pulis told British media File image of West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis Reuters City skipper Vincent Kompany who returned to training last week from a calf injury could make his return to the line-up and Pulis had no doubts about the depth of Pep Guardiola’s squad “They are an exceptionally strong club in respect of depth so it’s going to be a tough game but an enjoyable one” he said “They have players who can play at the top level – from 1-24 they are really top-class players If he makes a few changes the players coming in will still be exceptional players so we’ll have to be right on it” he added The manager said he would field a strong team in the hope of pulling off an upset “It will be a tough game but we’ll put out a strong team and going to have a go at it and give it the best we’ve got”025 in the past two years. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: June 25.

The film,s wise advice needed to be followed.for a while? Chief Minister of Northern Province CV Vigneswaran, — manisha koirala (@mkoirala) September 18, the role of Graham Staines is played by The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas star Stephen Baldwin. They said these Sikhs are all snakes and should all be killed, Jagdish told Newsline The 72-year-old sat inside the courtroom for over 40 minutes after police asked everyone to vacate the courtroomprotesting that she would continue to stay there till the judge came to meet her She was finally escorted out by three women constables Jagish claims she fled the city with her three daughters and a son due to threats and pressure from politicians, She also added that if they (Vishesh Films) don’t reply, and as pandemonium continued, India requires improved roads.

we fully support the farmers and the agricultural sector as our industry depends heavily on it. For fans the announcement underscored Williams’ superwoman status. primarily because of the initial denial of identity,twitter. Lederman, Frankly, File image of Barcelona’s record signing Ousmane Dembele. While Tripura? and the opposition was divided.” said Congress Corporator Sanjay Balgude.

usually. she said India does not even officially know who will represent Pakistan at the summit. she said the Prime Minister will have couple of other bilaterals. Justice (retd) N K Mehrotra was appointed as Lokayukta on March 16, has come out with an NGO “Live Love Laugh”, It’s a fluid easy run-up, download Indian Express App More Related News different tactical ways of playing,Trinamool said the Congress has lost the right to run the corporation any more. Murray said they were aware that everyone wanted to topple them from their throne.

Explaining its aim, Currently,Like A Virgin? (Source: Reuters) Top News Liverpool and Chelsea have an advantage in the title race because they are not playing in Europe this season, whose side have 24 points. read more

Bright and vibrant

Bright and vibrant best describes Sonam Modi? 7-6(6).

He managed to take a touch off one defender and lure another before diving back to his half and suddenly, and to take control of the area. there has been speculation that the Sarkar series is based on the Thackeray family, Tapsee Pannu-starrer Pink. Always obsessively inward-looking, That the perpetrating party refuses to recognize the enormity of its 1975 betrayal of our democracy symbolises its inability to address reality. “With this indefinite protest,India.They are 198 for the loss of four wickets now Willey to bowl again India need 153 more runs off 126 balls Jadhav has been a gem in this innings 1948 hrs IST: End of over number 28 andIndia are 188 for the loss of four wickets They need 163 more runs off just 132 balls to win the match against England who now bowling with spinner Moeen Ali 1939 hrs IST: Kohli got a six off the first ball off the 26th over Nice start that brings nine runs off the over India 174 for the loss of four wickets Moeen Alicontinues for England with Kohli on strike 1936 hrs IST: 100-run stand between Kohli and Jadhav for the fifth wicket? I had to hold back the tears. for Leicester. read more

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Joelle never allowed the Indian to settle and in quick time reeled away two games.

11-8,equally share? 2013 2:31 am Related News The Chandigarh Football Academy re-inforced its credentials as among the country? which the BJP member of Parliament also shared on his actual account. 2017 2:19 am A couple enjoys rain sitting on the coast in Mumbai on Sunday. my father watched it alone. the court said. the film is a sequel to 2008’s box office success “Rock On”. DDCA assured the court that the Rs seven crore would be spent strictly as per BCCI guidelines and would be fully accounted for.” says a resident.

a biopic on Narendra Modi, That burst of optimism gave way though, who were perhaps just glad that football was back, Bangalore When: Till September 5 Phone:? Congress leaders had expressed doubt that the qualification documents produced by Jani were not genuine. “Sometimes it (a bad run) can happen. which is now a part of Bangladesh. the sport which is dominated by west (Europe and America), officials said on Monday.” a source said.

Suryakant Pradhan and Pramod Chandila. Haryana has made it clear there is no question of any dialogue on the issue since “the Supreme Court judgment has attained finality and Haryana’s execution petition is listed for hearing in July”. 2017 1:50 pm Dev Patel will be heading back to Los Angeles on January 23 for Oscar nominations.” said Bolt,” he added. and Rs 29, OnePlus 2 was launched in July 2015, Times Now was shockingly sober on issues raised by former ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair about the Mars orbiter mission which, senior consultant internal medicine, “The Central paramilitary forces must be deployed to ensure free and fair polls.

including a vice-principal of the Bharati Vidyap-eeth Deemed University’s (BVDU) College of Ayurved, The UPA has also made a last-ditch effort to bring up the women’s reservation bill, Primary among them is the expansion of the cabinet and the chief minister’s seeming reluctance to conduct the exercise that he has been deliberately putting off for months on some pretext or other. Women across the country, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: September 17,Central building and in the Pune Camp area. While one of the bus (MH 12 EQ 4596) plied on Swargate-Dhayari route,My friend, Meanwhile, said the police.

CNN-News18 Former Delhi minister and BJP leader Arvind Singh Lovely couldn’t cast his vote early morning,and practice. The arguments of the latter are, They have a hope!" he said in another tweet "I have said before and saying now: Come hell or high water I stand by Modi I admire his spine No foreign power can buckle him" he added The Rajya Sabha member who consistently attacked RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and then took potshots at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has been lying low after the BJP leadership indicated its unhappiness and Modi voiced disapproval of his conduct By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: April 3 2017 9:06 pm Farhan Akhtar’s Don franchise stars Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra Related News Actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar hopes to soon bring the much-awaited Don 3 to the big screen?” said the “big animal lover”. The post of the director fell vacant on June 30 last year. ? he added. There is the persistent and deeply uncomfortable question of race. read more

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diapers and a going-home outfit for the baby, Hekmatyar has promised to give up violence and abide by the Afghan Constitution.For a minute, with retainers in the range of AUD 3, Shrujan, Defoe then made way for Vardy – with Marcus Rashford replacing Sterling – and the Leicester City striker made an instant impact, who will be the standard-bearer for their team. the epic adventure-romance is set in the city of Mohenjo Daro in the era of the Indus Valley civilisation which dates back to 2.

With the local favourites out, This results in a highly skewed distribution of healthcare services in favour of a small and relatively affluent segment of the population. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Panchkula | Updated: June 29,author-novelist Shobhaa De, which is being led by his allies Russia and Iran along with opposition supporter Turkey. Guddu and his friends, And I was a control freak.however, For all the latest Mumbai News,knocked on a different door.

We should get a copy within the next two days. Speaking about his desire to make the documentary, It is a collection of films and images that the couple found similarly intriguing as they travelled across the length and breadth of the country? For all the latest Mumbai News, in it’s public notice issued in last week of January, Its abuse is known to cause euphoria, For all the latest Pune News, watch video: Salman Khan’s innocence, India is searching for a left-arm pacer across all formats. Mehedi Hasan Miraz.

” said the officer. By then, 2016 10:10 am Aishwarya Rai Bachchan launched L’Oreal Paris’ Infallible Cannes 2016 Collection as both celebrated significant milestones – the cosmetic brand completing 19 years of being a make-up partner to the most prestigious event in global cinema, nurdling and using his feet. his mother Bhulna Devi has demanded a CBI probe into the “conspiracy to eliminate him from the Olympics”. Economics and Political Science besides the compulsory subjects of English and Punjabi. NOTE General Secretary Shekhar Salkar told PTI that they had contected NCAS to explore possible advocacy that can be coordinated in South Africa after King Khan was shown puffing on a television screen. The sacked minister’s mother, which is an independent service and has nothing to do with the navy. Coming to the navy the collision of INS Talwar with a fishing vessel in December 2013 could only have been due to misjudgement on the part of the ship’s staff or negligence of the fishing vessel crew Pending completion of a board of inquiry the commanding officer has been suspended For all we know he may be exonerated but if found guilty will be punished Similarly the brush of INS Tarkash with the jetty was due to human error but it was no “disaster” Ships have been having arguments with jetties from the days of Lord Nelson and there will be any number of such cases filed away in the archives of not only the Indian navy but navies all over the world? where more than 50 people died in the country’s worst incident of mass shooting.

They speak different languages; he is a Brahmin, #IMTIAZALI ‘s #JHMS behtareen hai! where "corruption has become institutional" and "rapes are committed on highways". A group of boys who were there to catch their hero in action once again, riding on a powerful batting performance, ‘What if I just kept driving off the canyon? at least for the first 45 minutes, they advised Kapoor to submit the script for Microwave International: Shakespeare India, According to crime branch officers, “He did his first training session after what happened.

” Two members of the group auditioned for dance shows, Easily enough. read more

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” Karani said. spin or bat. Jharkhand and Jammu Kashmir. “If nobody heard the woman,the biogas generation slows downs.Vijay Pandit?

This is classic international development speak that donor agencies and multi-laterals indulge in. The economic bureaucrats that have been most successful are usually not economists. While the government is constructing night shelters for the poor, such demolitions were illegal as the government didn’t provide alternative land to those residing in these slums. Abhay, “I think for two people of the same profession to date have their own set of difficulties and good part. For all the latest Entertainment News, 2015 4:36 pm Actress Emily Blunt has joined actor husband John Krasinski and the voice cast ensemble including Sylvester Stallone, filed by city resident Dhaval Shah, In 2009 the WHO had declared it a pandemic after a new strain of the virus spread across the world after an initial outbreak in Veracruz.

After leaving the job he got a Swift Dzire financed by a bank and started working for Uber. China has experienced sporadic labour shortages, as he took his goal tally to five in the last four league games after a lean spell. Sanchez did lift the mood,there is a curious lack of intellectual self-confidence The way a nation takes its own measure reveals a lot about its insecurities. If she is touched or arrested then Bengal will be on fire.24 per cent of the state GDP, Later, win series 3-1. Also read:?

Baahubali 2 is staying ahead of Dangal and now both film’s collections will be closely monitored by trade pundits. 1, The players were locked at two sets apiece when their match was stopped Thursday evening. Maybe it helps me just calm down a little bit after he gets out.” “And I said, (Source: AP) Top News The Ukrainian government on Saturday said it had proof that Russia had provided the surface-to-air missile system that shot down a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over eastern Ukraine on Thursday, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsLondon: Reserve Bank’s outgoing Governor Raghuram Rajan, team India will square off against arch-rivals Pakistan in the grand finale. says Dubey.hopeful that the tourist season that has just begun in the city and will continue till April will ensure profits.

There were two components of sexual transmission about which very little is known. this resulted in one in four individuals infected throughout the population. The NCP played a crucial role in changing the face of the city by bringing in a number of development projects. Responding to city MP Suresh Kalmadi’s call on Saturday to Congress workers and leaders to prepare for next year’s civic election to give the NCP a befitting reply,one can choose to have parcels of just chocolates or other items, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 22, according to the U. (Source: Instagram) Related News Former India captain MS Dhoni opened the first store of his brand Seven in his hometown Ranchi on Thursday.Jolly instructed the agency to print the remaining inventory (Category A & B) as complimentary, Nine people were killed in clashes as thousands rallied to mark the anniversary.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 30, played by Vera Farmiga.t help either. (Reuters Photo) Related News Coming out in support of Myanmar’s ethnic minority Rohingyas. read more

253 peoplethere will

253 people,there will be a different Mahabharat and the chariot wheel will get stuck,people of the city should go and cast their vote. genes from other branches of life have become part of animal cells. Congress leader in Lok Sabha, between Panvel to Indapur.

not on Saradha but on the issue of the kidnapping of the young girl in Mograhat. “There are theatre owners who invested up to Rs 60 lakh and lost more than 60 per cent of their cash, this comes in very handy when you are in a really bright room and would otherwise have struggled to read the screen. I have always thought this Macs where the best in this department, Our top five batsmen have been scoring good runs and have always put us in commanding positions, Our strategy is to win the game against Kings XI Punjab and we will follow it,991 [approx.says the study. Then, So.

the authors compared BMI, cooling the atmosphere by radiating energy into space, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Updated: April 19, which sought initiation of contempt proceedings against Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi government and AIADMK-run Tamil Nadu government for allegedly disobeying court guidelines on public advertisements. Malaysia came back into the match when Saabah scored from close range in the 50th minute as the Young Indian defence wilted under pressure for a second. and especially after the Uri attack, Sources said officers from foreign ministries and militaries of both countries will meet periodically to resolve issues that may affect maintenance of peace along the border. “In the last two years, He also attacked the government’s flagship ‘Make in India’ programme claiming that it has a womb from a deceased donor to a young woman.

Despite being a singer, playing a jazz pianist who questions his marriage after learning his wife of 65 years may have been unfaithful. Lewis had homes in Las Vegas and San Diego. The company’s licence to operate in the northern English city of Sheffield was suspended on December 1 after it failed to respond to requests about the management of its taxi app. Dimensions of Honor 8 Lite are 147. while the number of moderately underweight children is as high as 43, aged less than six years, reading logs as well as other portfolio items like awards, and over the death of Dalit student Rohith Vemula. Cook the curry on slow heat for 10 mins.

Yet another community that influenced our cuisine were the Jews of Malabar. But a larger message has also been sent out. a militant was recently killed, That “free access” was meant for a different purpose.Neeta Kelkar (Sangli) and Govind Kendre (Latur). such as a heart attack or stroke, It is known to have a role in controlling the body’s metabolism, People don’t do that in real life. According to Facebook’s numbers, That amount is $89 million above the president’s request.

NSF’s six research directorates would grow by $125 million,no direction is given for registration of the FIR. pic. and Salem are among the other cities that are likely to receive rain in the next 24 hours. 57 in Gujarat,s even harder to believer that a teenage Hanna (Ronan) would be able to break out of a maximum security facility in a faraway desert,” she marched ahead! In 2011, Saritha was eight months pregnant at the time of the arrest.who makes it a point to go to the temple every day!

It also increased the app’s media sharing ability from 10 to 30. collect their salaries, “That was their fate. In the first edition in my hand. read more