Operating dumplings need to handle what procedures

        what procedures need to handle the dumplings? Need to apply for a license to open a shop, I believe we all know, today, Xiaobian to tell you to open a dumpling shop, you need to understand one of the aspects – how to apply for the relevant procedures store


        open a dumpling shop need to apply for a self-employed business license:

        1 need to prepare a copy of the store real estate license, (rent a house is also a rental agreement) read more

s it good to bake baked snacks with non baked potato

food and beverage industry in the key projects which, Xiaobian feel nothing more than snacks and fast food, fast food is the transformation of the needs of the times produced by the economic product, then the reason why the snacks so popular? Xiao Bian think may be because of the low threshold of its snacks, the audience wide, closer to ordinary people, it has been very popular. Not to mention snacks has become an important carrier of the Chinese and Western delicacy exchange, and with Western features baked snacks, one to enter the mainland market will lead to an upsurge of kuangzhui. Non baked potato baked snacks is combined with Chinese and Western style baking baked cheese taste authentic, developed with the Mediterranean flavor of baked food items are compared, the exotic delicacy, pizza, steak and other Western-style food more popular among young people! read more

The need to take care of the three major risk of dry cleaners

want to start a lot of people, venture capital is risky, we can do is to do a good job in advance to deal with some of the risk of preparation. There is a certain risk to open dry cleaners, if prepared in advance for these risks, will greatly increase the ability to deal with the risk of opening the shop, the risk of opening the dry cleaners generally include the following:

1, off-season risk

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Sichuan province to return home for migrant workers to provide several key points

now all migrant workers entrepreneurship has become frequent. At the same time, some areas of government for local migrant workers return home entrepreneurship also expressed support, provides a good platform in Sichuan for the majority of migrant workers entrepreneurs.

When a large number of
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nternet service industry has become one of the most profitable projects in the future

what is the most profitable venture? Internet service industry will become one of the most profitable projects in the future. We can obviously feel that over the past two years, the Internet industry is changing more and more traditional industries, its huge suction gold energy has attracted a lot of attention.

in the Internet service industry, this year the Internet enterprise salary rate curve near steep upward. Generally speaking, in the first-tier cities, with BAT as the representative of the first Internet company to graduates starting salary is not high, but as long as the hard work, outstanding ability, in fact after the entry of 2, 3 years, it is easy to get more than 100 thousand yuan annual salary. In the three line Internet Co, under the same conditions, the average annual salary of general technical staff can reach about 150 thousand yuan. The quasi second line of Internet Co’s basic salary of ordinary employees can reach or more than 200 thousand yuan, compared with many traditional industries, such a level of income is absolutely enviable. After more than 5 years of experience, the income gap will widen the Internet companies. read more

Hot pot take money May earn profits of up to 100 thousand yuan

hot pot market is not big? Into the hot pot market will be fierce competition? If you want to make a big career in this industry, the need for innovation? This is the current number of investors ready to open a hot pot shop ideas. According to the research data show that the catering market annual turnover amounted to 2 trillion, which accounted for 40% of the amount of Hot pot industry, and the annual growth rate of 11.3%, Hot pot market should not be underestimated.

and Chongqing peak (a pseudonym) idea is to gather the user contact with high degree of Hot pot brand, by providing a unified packaging, electromagnetic oven, cooker and other tableware, and finished the meal back after implementation of customer service standardization, distribution system to improve the efficiency of multi station coordinated layout. Hot pot take money? So far, the peak has been quite successful, and the monthly net profit of more than 100 thousand yuan. read more

Shenzhen aviation intelligent robot

with the continuous development of science and technology, in the life of a lot of new gadgets come out, the most prominent new things than the advent of robots, to bring convenience to our lives, but also brought a lot of fun. December 5th, Shenzhen airlines in the industry’s first introduction of intelligent robots posts, instead of some artificial passenger lounge in the passenger service, and the following Xiaobian together to understand.

"who is this little cute?" My name is Xiao Bao, welcome to Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen Peng Peng court." The Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen passenger lounge, a stay adorable robot frequently to make passengers Hello, passengers have gathered around. After receiving the instructions from the passengers on the dance and storytelling, it also broadcast music, dance. Not only will it be funny, travelers can also act as a staff, visitors to the opportunity to answer questions. read more

How to open a lingerie store decoration

underwear shop in our life has now become very common, at the same time, the lingerie store market competition is increasing, there are more and more people begin to operate in a lingerie shop, now runs a lingerie shop how to decorate.

now shop is very simple, do not need too much cost, especially underwear stores, small investment, high return! But want to open a underwear store is not so simple! The store decoration is a problem. So how to open a lingerie store how to decorate it today, followed by a small series together to learn it! read more

Zhang a bowl of rice vermicelli bridge this small business choice

investment characteristics snacks, choose a bowl of rice crossing bridge project, the steady development. If you want to do a small catering business, this food brand is a good choice. Headquarters launched the product variety, to meet the tastes of the public demand, business profitability, business advantages, steady wealth.

a rice noodle snack bar if only the rice noodle is obviously too simple, a bowl of rice vermicelli bridge agent headquarters constantly enrich their own product line. A bowl of noodle small series have braised beef broth, facet facet, facet, facet and other classic noodles six flavors of small products, to Chongqing small noodles based pasta tastes of children around the southeast and northwest comprehensive changeable facet of this series collocation. read more

How to improve the turnover rate of the first customer into a friend

  open shop has become the hottest topic nowadays, open an online shop, popularity is very important, because the popularity represents sales performance. How to enhance the store’s views and volume? This is the problem every shop seller will think. Large volume, the volume will naturally rise. If you can and every customer can become strangers from the Internet without talking to the intimate friends, I believe your online business will not be cold! But a friend of mouth, is undoubtedly the best advertising.

If a guest second visit your online store, you can tell each other once in you what to buy things, believe that buyers will for you to sit up and take notice, at least let guest feel that you are very dedicated to each of the guests. So, it is necessary to do the customer service record, but also the bottom of my heart in the bargain.

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Small porridge fairy join conditions

in Chinese food consumption market, you can not be ignored is the porridge, porridge just as it is, it seems tasteless but long-term edible can reap big benefits. Porridge has a history of thousands of years, all over the country have the habit of eating porridge, porridge market can be seen strong, is an indispensable food in people’s lives. Small porridge fairy house to lead the catering market, the realization of a bowl of porridge can revitalize a market, a bowl of porridge can also help to start a business, the myth, this is an unshakable fact. read more

Environmental protection supplies Franchise Business Essentials multiplier

is now the environmental protection society, people’s concept of environmental protection to environmental protection activities increasing, demand is also becomes more obvious, the enterprise environmental protection supplies stores are business opportunities, many competitors, fierce competition, everyone in the environmental protection activities to join the obstacle and meet business process at any time, want to know some business skills, let you can dig more profits? So, environmental protection activities to join what we can do to get more profits? We are from the following several aspects of the simple analysis, some more environmental protection activities to join operators of read more

How to open a small jewelry shop to make money

now there are many high streets and back lanes, jewelry store, at the same time, small jewelry industry, a lot of business opportunities, to the successful operation of the jewelry store, you need to grasp the key to open a small jewelry shop to make money? How to open a small jewelry shop in


1, first of all to do a good job positioning, is to do in the high-end, or do for the general public of the low-grade products. As small ornaments are some of the more commonly used consumer goods, it is recommended that investors choose small and medium jewelry to sell better. read more

Why did you choose to join the Chinese fast food Aisimi

Chinese fast food business? This question can be answered in one sentence: there is no food and beverage items like Chinese fast food so popular. It can be seen that Chinese fast food market demand is large, the catering industry’s sunrise industry, the competition is also big to join. Aisimi fast food is to Chinese unique traditional culture as the main character, advocating a healthy diet, advocating quality of life Aisimi fast fashion health topics are everywhere to cater to modern people on diet a higher level of pursuit, will the Chinese nation traditional diet ancestral secret recipe and fusion to combine elements of modern fast food, launched a Chinese fast fashion, become the new project has China characteristic catering. read more

Some pricing strategies for Chinese fast food

many entrepreneurs want to invest in Chinese fast food, in fact, if you can master the right way to invest in Chinese fast food in the market is a very good prospects for development. However, for entrepreneurs, in order to better access to wealth, then entrepreneurs in the business, the correct grasp of the price strategy is very important.

Strategy: prestige price, prestige pricing will target the high consumption level of customers in the market, a restaurant with credibility and customers "demand status and prestige" and "reasonable price quality is excellent, attract this grade with high dish price customers. This pricing method to do a detailed market survey: in addition to the identity of the customer and consumer strength, fast food shops also need to consider the age structure and the customer can accept the minimum, maximum price limit. Particularly important is that the price of the product must be consistent with the quality, so as to meet the fast food shop reputation, do not harm the interests of customers. read more

How to choose to conform to the development of clothing brand chain

with the continuous development of the market, the apparel industry has attracted great attention, unlimited business opportunities. Previously heard people say to do the brand clothing to join to "look, two, three, four to touch, ask five observation, six more", but no further explanation, now finally let me find the details of it, ha ha…

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