n the electricity supplier crackdown false question defeated The 10000 this bright

in January 2016 the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in the second half of 2015, the network transaction commodity directional monitoring data show that the net purchase rate of less than 60%. Chinese electronic commerce research center monitoring report shows that the national network of consumer users in 2015 received a number of complaints related to the electricity supplier in 2014 rose 3.27%, including Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong,, and Amazon, Chinese music as millet, as the representative of the business platform, the online shopping complaints accounted for 43.74% of total complaints, ranked the first. read more

How to make the online brand

: marketing like war. As the war to the spectator and the thinker, the newspaper will launch a "marketing" story column in every Monday, carefully combing the enterprise marketing success stories, refining the market practice value of the "market", trying to help you in charge of the enterprise or business you want to find the path to success.

in the financial turmoil sweeping, more and more people choose to join the tide of the network to run their own business, because the network so that they have the possibility of creating their own low-cost brand. So if you made a "network brand", such as how to appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain online enterprise foothold and sustainable development? With these questions, we recently interviewed the domestic network selling skincare brand "plant language" boss Yu Qiming. read more

From 50 million to billions of double can play any more than eleven cards

[Abstract] from 2009 to this year’s national Carnival dance alone, "double eleven" of the artificial Festival has come to "the seven year itch".

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on November 10th

from 2009 to this year’s national Carnival dance alone, "double eleven" the birth of the artificial head Festival, has come to "the seven year itch".

at the beginning of the year, the Ministry of industry and information technology just for China Mobile (micro-blog), China Telecom (micro-blog) and China Unicom (micro-blog) issued 3G licenses, and now through the 4G mobile phone in a ten has become the norm; at the beginning of the year, Obama became the first American president in American history, and today in the eleven pair of cross-border electricity plays an important role. read more

Buy virtual host notes

Now on the Internet to provide virtual hosting service providers are very large, the price and quality of service vary widely, the choice of virtual host is very important for the establishment of the site, the following things must pay attention to:

. Select the operating license of the service provider

we state of Internet operators must have the "permit" of People’s Republic of China telecommunications and information services business, otherwise it is illegal, once checked, no such license services will be ordered to suspend business, if very dangerous without a license in the virtual hosting service provider. At the same time, but also pay attention to the difference recognition ICP license and ICP registration certificate, ICP registration is for non business websites, such as ordinary corporate websites, personal websites, can only apply to a ICP record, in fact there is no business qualifications.

two not freeloaders.

virtual host is a server by dividing virtual host system into multiple hosts, in general, the server placed within 200 business sites or within 30 functional sites are normal, do not affect the speed of the server; if more than this number, the good servers are difficult to bear, the result will be slowed down fault, frequent phenomenon. A performance comparison of reliable server hosting costs + + telecommunications technology monitoring and sales promotion costs, the price of at least about 20000-30000. Therefore, the general price of HTML space should be more than 200, while the price of functional hosts in more than 600 may be sufficient to a slight profit, if you covet cheap, you are likely to encounter the following:

1) a server may put a number of more than 1000 of the website, the server is slow or even crash

2) on the function of the excessive restrictions, leading to some website program can not run

3) over limited bandwidth, resulting in slow access speed, or more than the number of online display

4) database of over load, resulting in frequent fault database

5) service providers can not afford to randomly change the service plan

three. Pay attention to their neighbors

of course, unless the use of hacking, otherwise it is difficult to know who is your neighbor, so you need to get clear: the host is allowed to put on the website forum, chat, arena, plug-in, download resource intensive website system;

four. Look at the services of the company have vitality

virtual host in today’s era of business competition, a network services company, if only the domain name and virtual host did not exist; when a company even pot are not open off, it is hard to imagine.
read more

Online registration mobile real name dashuipiao nearly 190 thousand investment

August 31st, Haikou Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued a warning in the new field of Internet change rapidly, as ordinary consumers or operators, has invested heavily in the so-called "registered mobile real name" risk, the investment need to be cautious.

Haikou Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, recently Sanya City, Mr. Zhao came to my city, the complaints of industry and commerce, industry and Commerce in the area within the scope of regulation of Hainan Mobile Commerce Technology Co. alleged head of publicity, by paying 192 thousand yuan in net registered "palm", "Vatti" and "Rimula" three "real name", and the British request to help recover the money for it. read more

Online marketing manager

as a business manager, if you have been thinking about several issues: how to use network marketing means to obtain personal interests for their own network marketing? Really as magical legend? In network marketing, we really need to pay attention to those aspects of


you must have been concerned about the network, had hoped that the network, has tried the network, but the results of what? If you fail to succeed, then you should consider changing your mind. Because the network is different from the reality. read more

Shop sales fraud illegal income confiscated

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Dalin correspondent Guangdong business) 2014, Guangdong industrial and commercial system in the anti unfair competition law enforcement, continue to increase the intensity of the rectification of false propaganda. In 2014, the province’s industrial and commercial system were investigated in 2685 cases of false propaganda, the value of 890 million yuan, the number of cases increased by 12.51%.

Zhongshan city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau then turn to the city of Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau clues, false propaganda said in a Zhongshan electric appliance Limited company in the "XX Home Furnishing flagship store sales of substandard products and make misleading to the city of Zhongshan, Industrial and Commercial Bureau then conducted an investigation of the company. After investigation, the company in addition to the five hole production does not meet the GB 2099.3-2008 standard multifunctional socket, in its management of the XX Home Furnishing flagship store on the site of the five hole of the unqualified multifunctional socket "function for more than 13 years sales in the first five holes" misleading propaganda; and through fiction the trading volume in the XX Home Furnishing flagship store on the website of the way the "fake socket monthly sales of 37754 (a)" false sales data. read more

VC in the eyes of KM the future of China’s largest apparel retail group

in recent years, the clothing retail industry reshuffle, closed shop tide wave after wave of fierce, was a smash hit provinces cities clothing sales were also established with no exception whatsoever, cliff fall came mostly closed shop, loss, dilemma, acquisition and other negative news and so on. At the same time, foreign luxury brands in China, the eyes can also make money, the era of the end quietly, each of them to take store contraction strategy, and even across the board to close the sales network in china. According to incomplete statistics, last year, 3000 factories and the closure of small and medium enterprises, the domestic apparel profit fell 27%, transformation of the road stumbling, at this store such as the flu ravaged period, can survive is a very wonderful thing. read more

Groupon acquisition of Groupon group purchase website into puzzle merger time before

according to the voice of economic reports, market rumors of group purchase originator Groupon has acquired the domestic group purchase website domain name holders of Groupon, really "Li Kui" to "Li Gui" false Zhaoan whirling, experts said that the current valuation of the group purchase site is also very high, and the time is not mature and restructuring.

according to the group of treasure net insiders, Groupon headquarters and mission treasure network company has been to maintain a cooperative discussion, the current group holds two treasure and domain name. Insiders speculate that the acquisition of the Groupon group may be involved in the domain of treasure or acquisition. But Gaopeng said do not understand the situation, and that the acquisition is unlikely. The Groupon official did not respond, has been concerned about the field of China eCapital group purchase Vantage Capitals Ltd founder Wang Ran said the news to make groundless accusations. read more

Down jacket 10 yuan a package also post exposing the truth of cheap online shopping


high-end department store in a domestic down jacket over ten thousand yuan, while the electricity supplier price of 10 yuan down jacket, coat was everywhere, look at sales as high as tens of thousands of pieces. Is this really true? Can you really get it at a low price?


10 yuan package rare

heard on the Internet 10 yuan will be able to buy coats and down jacket, but the reporter in the electricity supplier website to enter the down jacket and then according to the low order to high prices, the lowest also to $181. To choose a price 0-10 yuan in the price, to do a price limit can be found." According to jump square dance Aunt Chen really found a wise remark of an experienced person, 71 thousand and 800 commodities, many sellers and even the crown level. read more

E commerce companies recruit 1 college students to make up for the government’s 2000 training fee

        the newly introduced e-commerce enterprises nationwide headquarters, district (city) county government can get a one-time subsidy of 3 million yuan. The electronic commerce companies recruit each one in 2008 (inclusive) after graduating from college students, the financial subsidies will be 2000 yuan of special training costs. The day before, "the opinions of Chengdu City e-commerce development funds for the year 2010" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") introduced the development of e-commerce in Chengdu special funds to support the detail, "is currently scheduled to support funds accounted for the city’s modern service industry to guide capital 1/6, can also increase" according to the enterprise reporting the situation, the Chengdu Daily reporter was informed that the financial incentives for wide range and the intensity of the rare. read more

LETV announced to enter the automotive electricity supplier future LePar line shop will sell cars

sina science and technology news on April 28th at noon news, this morning, as the music ecological O2O strategic conference held at the Beijing auto show, the music as the show recently released LeSEE concept car. Music also announced that it will enter the field of automotive electricity supplier, the next line of LePar stores will sell music as a car.

conference, LETV announced that former vice president LePar Zhang Zhiwei was holding sales of music as ecological O2O sales platform president, responsible for O2O business overall strategic planning and business management, report to Jia Yueting. read more

Micronet micro network one day sales volume is powu digits pre sale will be so play

with double 11 feet is approaching, all brands are actively preparing for, and in October 20th, the Alibaba announced this year’s double eleven from the original 24 hours will be extended to 24 days, but most of the "hand chop party did not adapt to this change. On the contrary, businesses have been suppressed in the "field force", according to the reports, 21, major brands have moved into the pre-sale period, and at the beginning of the pre-sale day have a beauty brand sale quantity powu digits, this small target usually can not so easily reached "". Some people say that this is the magic of eleven, but how to use the right marketing practices is obviously more important. read more

Talk about the second hand car business platform behind the fatal weakness

there is no doubt that Chinese will become one of the world’s largest private car sales in the next few years, private cars may be as ubiquitous as mobile phone. This also gave birth to the rapid rise of the domestic second-hand car electricity supplier, it is reported that there are dozens of second-hand car sales of electricity supplier website. Including some information platform also provides second-hand car trading information, in fact, these second-hand car business platform is to act as the intermediary role of the transaction. Owners can publish information on the sale of these vehicles, if there is a single seller, then the site will contact the owner, the final transaction. Used car business platform in which to earn the commission amount of the transaction, as to how much commission, each site is not the same. read more

Site construction site to carry out rural combat

for the recent site chain in Gansu, Sichuan, Guizhou, the new rural market share has been increasing, while the official website to publish this data. For peer friends. How to establish an effective and practical e-commerce platform in the rural areas, the scope of the company’s Web site construction business has changed, but the competition between enterprises is increasing. The status of enterprises in the electronic commerce network to seize a seat, from the city to the countryside is an era of significance. read more

My view on the development of e commerce in Yunnan

Yunnan economic development level and economic consciousness is always lags behind most of the provinces, it is inevitable we can’t hide it, a lot of people optimistic reports or that the level of e-commerce in Yunnan in the country are in the upper level, it is completely cover the ears Pirates of the bell consciousness.


electronic commerce in some special industry has basically been very complete and systematic, many people have said that Yunnan in the tobacco industry electronic commerce basic level of the country’s leading, but ignored the Yunnan tobacco is the country’s leading, and in addition there is no other better e-commerce flash point enterprise or industry, some people say Yunnan tourism e-commerce, e-commerce and other specialty is good, we can only say that there are some achievements, but it is far from enough, are basically in a small family workshop to carry out the form, set aside the original enterprise competitiveness, the network still can not become the core competitiveness of enterprises. read more

Home appliance industry has been the throes of transformation trap price war round reshuffle soon

[Abstract] home appliance manufacturing industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading period, it will be a change and change is running slow a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, home appliance manufacturing industry brands will be out of danger.

Tencent technology fan Rong reported on April 30th

the Pearl River Delta has become the largest industrial clusters in China’s household electrical appliance manufacturing industry, with more than half of the annual household electrical appliances are produced here, exports, and thus to the world. But this should get Chinese largest home appliance manufacturing scale winning prosperous place, since the Spring Festival, Guangdong enterprise transformation occurred due to labor strikes seeking profit type: read more

ron and steel industry and even the loss of the ten quarter steel by electricity supplier for steel

is the first quarter of this year Chinese iron and Steel Industry Association, called "a quarter" in the new century the most difficult of the steel industry, the domestic large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises a total loss of 2 billion 329 million yuan, up from surplus to deficit, the cumulative loss was 45.45%; and the iron and steel industry, from the fourth quarter of 2011 has been 10 consecutive quarter loss.

in the steel overcapacity, the industry profit situation, steel itself facing constant high pressure steel stock, as well as the upstream coal enterprises rush payment pressure, coupled with its own funds, coal mills began trying to use electronic business platform "for steel". read more

U S mission network responded CCTV report to give reasonable compensation to the parties

March 18th, for the United States Mission Network strawberry picking items can not pick reports, the U.S. mission network today responded that it will contact the people at that time, giving the parties a reasonable compensation.

U.S. mission network

said: "CCTV reported strawberry picking things through our internal investigation, in 2010 May, when the entire group purchase industry is still in the embryonic stage of development, for this seasonal, business initiative to control the group purchase products, the whole industry is still on the way to the state, but the original intention all is good, is to be able to bring benefits to consumers, it is a prerequisite of group purchase industry appears." read more

The cross border electricity supplier SF sea Amoy cut overseas O2O


cross-border electricity supplier SF sea Amoy, announced the release of the 4/29 O2O (Online to Offline, the overseas online cross line) sightseeing cross-border shopping channel "authentic", first introduced, jade village, sugar Yuzhen Xin, the old Taiwan 100 famous delicacy Zhennan shop from the island of Taiwan, the next will expand rapidly to Hongkong, Japan, South Korea, Asia’s most popular tourist attractions, the breakthrough year doubled overseas travel on Chinese million tourists shopping scene, provide overseas fresh shopping experience foreign culture, free delivery orders direct mail to Chinese, sustainable consumption "after returning to the new business services. read more