Voters disagree with Obama’s marriage plans

first_imgWashington Examiner Sep 4 2012A new JZ Analytics poll that finds President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney split at 44 percent to 44 percent, also finds that likely voters do not agree with the president on gay marriage and immigration reform, but support his bailouts, green energy focus and foreign policy.The poll, provided to Secrets Tuesday, is a vivid display of how American voters are split not just politically but on individual issues, making it difficult for either presidential candidate to carve out a clear path to victory.Take Obama’s position backing same-sex marriage. Pollster John Zogby found that 51.4 percent of voters back the GOP’s traditional marriage position that the “ideal family is built around a stable marriage between a man and a woman.” Some 40.3 percent said “a family can still be the stable unit of a good society if it is headed by a single adult, a same-sex relationship, or grandparents.” Family Research Council“Despite what many pundits say, social issues continue to be bridge issues–not wedge issues. Polls continue to show deep opposition to same-sex “marriage” among African Americans–with just 40% in support. More than 3,700 black pastors have called on President Obama to retract his statement that “gay marriage is a civil right.” Millions of voters clearly feel abandoned by President Obama, who once told Pastor Rick Warren that “I believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman.” In the 2004 election, results clearly show President Bush carried the pivotal state of Ohio because of his support for the marriage amendment on the ballot. With marriage referendums on the ballot in four states and continued backlash to President Obama’s same-sex “marriage” endorsement, marriage may once again emerge as the decisive rather than the “divisive” issue of this election.”last_img read more

Mothers and children suffer the most in family breakups, research suggests

first_imgThe Guardian 28 September 2014   Women and children are hit hardest following the breakdown of a relationship, with research showing that one in five mothers falls into poverty following a split.Comprehensive analysis of how parents fare in the years after separation found that children and their mothers see living standards fall by more on average during the aftermath than fathers. Researchers also found that, after couples with grown-up children separated, almost a third of women, usually over 50 and often married, fell into relative poverty, a far higher proportion than for men.The study, by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, found that 19% of children fall into relative poverty after their parents split up. Mike Brewer, professor of economics at the university, who conducted the study along with Dr Alita Nandi, said: “Women continue to see living standards fall by more after separation than men, especially when children are involved, but even for couples with no children. Mothers and children from high-income families see especially large drops in living standards, because the loss of the man’s earnings is in no way compensated for by higher income from alimony, child maintenance, benefits and tax credits, and having fewer mouths to feed.”Fiona Weir, chief executive of charity Gingerbread, said: “This research chimes with what many of the single parents we work with tell us every day: that they are really struggling to pay essential bills and put food on the table.” Weir said that the fact that fewer than two in five of single parents – of whom nine out of 10 are mothers – received maintenance from their child’s other parent needed to be urgently addressed: “The findings underline how vital it is to get child maintenance flowing to single-parent families. The government must ensure the changes it is making to the child maintenance system don’t see this figure fall even lower.” read more

YouTube Kids launches Child-friendly app

first_imgMirror 24 February 2015Google has launched YouTube Kids, a free app for mobile phones and tablets that provides a safe environment for children to find videos.The app has been completely redesigned, with bigger images and icons to make it as simple as possible for under-13s.The sort of content available has been narrowed down so parents don’t have to worry about their little darlings coming in contact with an expletive-filled Frozen parody.There are just four categories: shows, music, learning and explore. read more

Mike’s Minute: Cannabis reform goes up in smoke

first_imgNewsTalk ZB 11 June 2019Family First Comment: “Middle New Zealand doesn’t want a bar of this Government’s barking madness over drug liberalisation.”#saynopetodopeComment: In a world where polls are no longer to be trusted, and just before we completely throw them in the bin, I draw some genuine pleasure from the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll.Whether its numbers around National and Labour and Simon Bridges are accurate is one thing, but a simple count around the cannabis reform issue is easier to accept as accurate.And we are winning.And when I say “we”, I mean those of us who work in the department of common sense.The poll suggests 52 per cent of New Zealanders intend to vote against the legalisation of cannabis, while 39 per cent want it legalised.What is significant about this is that we are closer to voting time. My sense of it is that when the theory becomes reality — by which I mean we really are going to vote and it really is going to count — we wake up a bit and take it more seriously.This latest result reinforces my belief in the simple truth that you should trust middle New Zealand.And middle New Zealand doesn’t want a bar of this Government’s barking madness over drug liberalisation.This debate of course, given the myriad social ills we face, shouldn’t even be on the table.And, irony of ironies, no one bangs on more than this government about poverty and deprivation and kids without shoes and food and clothes and families in cars and caravans and parks and yet is more than happy to have them all stoned.It’s driven by the naive concept that if the Government ran the dope market, it will all be tidied up and above board.READ MORE: read more

Workplace Drug Use Skyrocketing In U.S.

first_imgMedia Release SayNopeToDope NZ 26 August 2020New U.S. data released today by Quest Diagnostics has found that rates of marijuana positivity in the workforce have sharply risen both over the last year (2018-2019) and since legalisation was implemented. Furthermore, Quest Diagnostics also reported that workforce drug positivity hit a sixteen-year high in 2019.Marijuana is the most commonly detected substance and has the highest drug positivity rate among all other tested substances across the majority of industry sectors in the U.S. Marijuana positivity has increased nearly 29% since 2015, according to Quest Diagnostics. Among the top-ranking industries for the highest rates of positive marijuana testing, transportation and warehousing was number one with 33.3%. Meanwhile the construction industry had an average of 26.7% positive marijuana testing (Quest Diagnostics, 2018).One in four marijuana users who are employed admit to getting high at work within the past year, according to a new survey of cannabis consumers in Washington, Oregon and Colorado, three states where recreational weed is legal. Workforce marijuana-positivity rates in all “legal” states but one (Alaska) are above the national average (Quest Diagnostics, 2019). Most states that have legalised marijuana show an increasing trend in positivity rates.Insurance claims have become a growing concern among companies in US states that have legalised marijuana because if marijuana use is allowed or drug testing ignored, employers are at risk of liability claims when a marijuana-related injury or illness occurs onsite.“New Zealand employers have every reason to be concerned about attempts to legalise the recreational use of cannabis. The likely increase in marijuana use and acceptance as a result of any legalisation of the drug will lead to a more dangerous workplace, especially in safety-sensitive industries,” says spokesperson Aaron Ironside.Top Increases Since Legalisation to 2019: Nevada: 142% increase since 2016 (1.9% vs. 4.6%)Oregon: 136% increase since 2014 (1.9% vs. 4.5%)Massachusetts: 113% since 2016 (2.7% vs. 3.8%)Washington: 86.3% increase since 2014 (2.2% vs. 4.1%)Colorado: 63% increase since 2013 (1.9% vs. 3.1%)California: 45% increase since 2016 (2.2% vs. 3.2%)Michigan: 44% increase since 2017 (2.7% vs. 3.9)Massachusetts: 40% increase since 2016 (2.7% vs. 3.8) Top Increases 2018 – 2019:Washington: 70% increase (2.4% vs. 4.1)California: 33% increase (2.4% vs. 3.2%)Maine: 28% increase (5.0% vs. 6.4%)Michigan: 21.8% increase (3.2% vs. 3.9)Nevada: 17.9% increase (3.9% vs. 4.6%)Massachusetts: 15% increase (3.3% vs. 3.8%)last_img read more

Opposition Leader defends decision to boycott Parliament

first_img Share 14 Views   no discussions Share Share Opposition Leader Hon. Hector JohnLeader of the Opposition Hector John says his party cannot attend Parliament sittings as this would legitimize the government.“We’re not going to parliament because it is legitimizing what is going on from inception we have the problem since Nomination Day we have that problem the illegal maneuvering or stealing of the election, high jacking of the election and we have been speaking about it.”Mr. John also explained that the decision to boycott Parliament is in fact getting the message across and that they will remain focused.Click here to listen to audio: “We will continue to get the message across be it peaceful and continue to remain focused as Dominicans, as responsible citizens to ensure that we have electoral reform and that we have electoral reform that will benefit every Dominican not disenfranchise anyone. And that is what we are looking at, that is why we are remaining on course to ensure that we have electoral reform that will not disenfranchise any single Dominican.”Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img Tweet Sharing is caring! LocalNewsPolitics Opposition Leader defends decision to boycott Parliament by: – June 29, 2011last_img read more

CARICOM demands halt to passage of hazardous waste through Caribbean Sea

first_img Share Tweet CARICOM Chairman and Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Denzil Douglas GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Dr Denzil Douglas, prime minister of St Kitts and Nevis, has called for an immediate halt to the transit of radioactive material through the Caribbean Sea; a practice he said is “unacceptable and injurious.”In a statement condemning the practice, Douglas said that it has become intolerable to the governments and people of the Caribbean, as it compromises its rich but fragile ecosystem, and puts at risk “the very existence of the people of the region”The call to halt the transit of the waste through the Caribbean Sea has come in the wake of a new shipment of Vitrified High Level Waste that will leave the United Kingdom, this week, for Japan through the Caribbean.Douglas said that CARICOM remains immutable in its opposition to the passage of shipments of such material through the Caribbean Sea, which is recognised by the United Nations as a special area in the context of sustainable development.Caribbean News Now 17 Views   no discussions NewsRegional CARICOM demands halt to passage of hazardous waste through Caribbean Sea by: – July 21, 2011center_img Share Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Government committed to addressing road access problem in La Plaine Constituency

first_imgLocalNews Government committed to addressing road access problem in La Plaine Constituency by: – September 12, 2011 Parliamentary representative for Delices Peter St. Jean addressing the 14th inaugural meeting of the Village Council Parliamentary representative for Delices Petter St. Jean says his government is committed to addressing the issue of road access to the community and other neighboring hamlets. St. Jean told the 14th inaugural meeting of the Village Council last week that a six inch concrete pavement for La Roche and Victoria is now under construction. “This government through the local government department sought to address the problem of road access in Delices. We can go on record as having addressed this chronic problem in Delices,” he said.According to St. Jean, government has taken on several projects over the last few years to rectify road problems in that community.“We were able to do the Mader road at a cost of some $70,000, we addressed the Carib road with some $72,000, and we addressed the road situation in lower Carib as well. And as I speak to you, we are now doing a six inch concrete pavement for a 520 feet extending road between La Roche and Victoria,” he said.St. Jean said this was a problem that the people cried about and government has sought to address it. Dominica Vibes News 13 Views   no discussions Share Tweetcenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Sharelast_img read more

Patrick John and Phillip White awaiting official statement from FIFA

first_img Share Share Tweet 34 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring!center_img Share LocalNews Patrick John and Phillip White awaiting official statement from FIFA by: – October 27, 2011 President of the Domincia Football Association Patrick JohnOne of ten officials charged for corruption by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (International Federation of Association Football) FIFA’s, ethics committee relating to the cash for votes scandal said he has not yet been officially informed about his charges hence he will not acknowledge it.President of the Dominica Football Association Patrick John were among those charged on Wednesday for breaching rules on ethics in the wake of the corruption scandal that saw Mohamed Bin Hammam banned for life.According to a statement issued by FIFA as reported on Wednesday by the BBC “FIFA’s ethics committee has opened proceedings against 10 more Caribbean football officials, relating to the cash-for-votes scandal. The officials will have their cases heard in mid-November, the world football’s governing body said in a statement”.But John however says that he is very concerned about the fact that the media was informed before him.He said it was “strange that the person being charged was not officially informed by FIFA yet the media has the information before me”.John did not deny being charged but he said in the absence of an official written statement, “I don’t know what I am being charged for, if I am charged or why”.In July, the ethics committee ruled that Bin Hammam had made or offered cash gifts of $40,000 to each of the 25 Caribbean Football Union chiefs at a special meeting in Trinidad in which both men attended.In June, Jack Warner quit as FIFA vice-president and head of the CFU after he was charged with bribery. He claimed there was a FIFA conspiracy against Caribbean football.Vice President of the Dominica Football Association Phillip White who was also charged by FIFA, have not received word from them either.“We haven’t received any word from FIFA yet; we saw it on the internet like everybody else. As soon as we receive word from FIFA we will let everyone know,” he said.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Media workers involved in vehicular collision

first_imgLocalNews Media workers involved in vehicular collision by: – January 25, 2012 Sharing is caring! 222 Views   one comment Tweet Sharecenter_img Share Photo credit: (not actual photo of Friday’s collision)Three local media workers are reportedly recuperating after a vehicular collision on Friday on the Rockaway Public Road better known as “under the cliff”.Police Public Relations Officer, Sergeant Kenth Matthew told Dominica Vibes News on Tuesday that two Kairi FM Radio staff members and the editor of the SUN Newspaper sustained minor injuries when their vehicles collided on Friday evening.Kairi FM Radio’s Accountant Catia Abraham and Celia Bruno were travelling in a southerly direction along the Roackaway Public Road on a Mistubishi Pajero TJ 317 when the collision with The Sun Newspaper’s Editor Charles James who was driving alone in a northerly direction in his Honda CRV registration number PM 764.“As both vehicles grew closer to each other, they unexpectedly collided head on with each other. Both vehicles were extensively damaged. Charles James sustained a fractured arm while Celia Bruno and Catia Abraham sustained minor injuries,” Sergeant Matthew reported.According to Sergeant Matthew “They were all treated at the Princess Margaret Hospital and discharged the same day”.Dominica Vibes News wishes them all a speedy recovery.Dominica Vibes News Sharelast_img read more