Grad student profile Shilo Hills

Shilo Hills at Brock’s recent Mapping the New Knowledges conferenceShilo HillsProgram: MSc Management (Organizational concentration), Faculty of BusinessSupervisor: Maxim VoronovResearch area: “History, legitimacy and the Ontario wine industry”Shilo Hills explores the use of rhetorical history by Ontario wineries. Rhetorical history refers to history as not only malleable and manageable, she says, but as a strategy by which organizations can manage the impressions of stakeholders and consumers. Her study will have a wide-ranging impact close to home with Niagara’s wine industry.Hills had the opportunity to present this research at the prestigious European Group Organizational Studies (EGOS) Conference, held in Gothenburg, Sweden.“Through my research, I seek to demonstrate how organizations can and do strategically use portrayals of history strategically to gain legitimacy among audiences translating to both symbolic and financial success,” she says.What made you decide to pursue your graduate education at Brock?The MSc program was particularly interesting to me because of the unique experiences I was offered in terms of interesting courses,faculty advisors, small class sizes and research opportunities. I was looking for a program that would be challenging and innovative, and I found that and much more within this program.Describe your Brock graduate experience.I have thoroughly enjoyed my Brock graduate experience. I have met and worked closely with peers offering much diversity in terms of both academic and cultural backgrounds. The courses are challenging and engaging, and have allowed me to enhance my research, academic, writing and other necessary skills and knowledge. The professors are highly knowledgeable, and I have the opportunity to work with an accomplished advisor, who challenges and encourages me to achieve at a high level.What are your other interests and hobbies?I have many interests and hobbies, some of which have been put somewhat aside as of late. Most recently I have taken up yoga, which Ithoroughly enjoy. I love a wide range of music, dabble in playing the guitar and enjoy going to concerts and performances. I like to read,especially science fiction and an assortment nonfiction books and journal articles. Gardening is also a big hobby of mine; I lovewatching things grow and bloom, and to eat things right from the garden. With the warmer weather, I will be doing more biking, hiking and strolling outside.

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