Major Leaguers arent amused that Tim Tebow wants to be a baseball

first_imgTim Tebow wants to be a professional baseball player. You can’t get on sports Twitter for five seconds and not run across the Zapreuder type video of him taking massive hacks in the batting cage. He was a standout high school player. Great.  So was George Clooney, who got a tryout with the Reds in 1977.Today in The Herd, Colin said that Tebow’s baseball attempt feels gimmicky and counter to the brand he has built.“I don’t necessarily think it’s great for Tim Tebow’s brand. ‘Cause I’ve always thought if I just say “Tim Tebow’s brand”,  I’ve always thought, honest, evangelical, authentic. No short cuts. And I kind of feel like this is a short cut. And it’s kind of schticky. And I don’t see that as Tebow’s brand.”Baseball has unwritten rules and immovable tradition, football doesn’t. In football, players pull Sharpie’s out of their socks to autograph footballs after touchdowns.  In baseball, if you show pump your fist after hitting a 450 foot home run, you’ll probably catch a heater in the ear hole the next time you’re at the plate. In football, players like Antonio Gates and Julius Thomas make NFL rosters without even playing football in college. If you can play, you’re in. No questions asked.In baseball, paying dues and coming up though the minor leagues, often for years, before setting foot on a major league diamond is part of the game. One person who is not among the Tebowleivers is Orioles Manager, and baseball lifer, Buck Schowalter.When he was asked about Tebow before the Orioles game last night, he was clearly not amused, and fired off a quality deadpan response.“I bet he was a good player in high school. I was, too. I played quarterback.” Advertisementcenter_img Tim Tebow doesn’t have a prayer to make the big leagues.last_img

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