Outdoor Updates: Rare sea turtles nesting along North Carolina beaches

first_imgA fuel tank that collapsed at a power plant in northern Siberia on May 29 leaked more than 20,000 tons of diesel into Russia’s Ambarnaya River, in one of the biggest oil spills in Russia’s modern history. The leak is being compared to the 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Alaska. The company that owns the power plant, Norilsk Nickel, blamed the spill on thawing permafrost which caused one of the pillars holding the diesel tank to collapse.  “Here we are in the midst of an epidemic that affects your respiratory system and communities that are concerned about respiratory health are losing a voice to stop projects that exacerbate serious health issues,” David Hayes, executive director of the State Energy and Environmental Impact Center at New York University’s School of Law told The Hill. Rare sea turtles nesting along North Carolina beaches Anyone witnessing a turtle laying eggs should call in the location of the nest to the NC Sea Turtle Project at 252-241-7367. Kemp’s ridley are the rarest sea turtles and are classified as endangered. Should you spot a nesting sea turtle, experts ask that you stay at least 50 feet away. If you take photos or video of the turtle, do not use a flash or light of any kind, as light discourages female turtles from nesting. Beachgoers are also asked not to leave beach furniture or holes in the sand which can impede turtles during their trek through the sand.  Photo of Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles courtesy of the National Park Service – public domain Last Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order meant to fast-track major construction projects to boost the economy. The order could mean quick approval of highways, pipelines and oil and gas projects, which have historically been placed in communities of color. The order blocks a number of avenues that communities have used to fight back against unwanted projects, according to The Hill.  Trump signs executive order lifting environmental review of major projects Experts are asking North Carolina beachgoers to tread lightly after rare Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were spotted laying their eggs on Bald Head Island and Atlantic Beach. Kemp’s ridley sea turtles have never been recorded on Bald Head Island and have been recorded just one other time in Atlantic Beach. Russia declares state of emergency over oil spill in Arctic The World Wildlife Fund Russia called the spill “catastrophic” and said that it has caused “dead fish, polluted plumage of birds and poisoned animals.” Russia’s minister of national resources and the environment has said it will take at least 10 years for the ecosystem to recover from the spill.last_img read more

​Fallback rules on back burner as Finnish pension solvency holds up

first_imgIt was a precautionary measure to avoid pension insurance companies being forced into selling equities at depressed prices.At the end of both April and May, the average solvency position of employment pension companies, pension funds and foundations was up from its 1.5 low at the end of March, and stood at 1.6, TELA reported – though it noted this was still below the 1.7 level of the end of 2019.“The most acute crisis in the financial markets was experienced in March, and the situation has since calmed down somewhat,” said Mäkinen, in a written commentary.“However, as it is difficult to predict the progress of the coronavirus crisis, the situation in the financial markets may change very quickly,” she warned.“It is therefore a good thing that the legislation has been prepared so that it can enter into force quickly if necessary,” Mäkinen said.Meanwhile, the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) announced it would continue to collect occupational pension company solvency data according to its condensed schedule, with providers to submit the next monthly sets of information by 8 July and 10 August.“The Financial Supervisory Authority may increase the reporting interval if the situation in the investment market changes,” the regulator said.FIN-FSA also said pension providers had to review the fair value of any real estate investment object if there were indications of a significant decrease in its value.Last week, Finland’s Finance Ministry said it expected the economy to contract 6% in 2020 because of the pandemic, but said the lifting of specified COVID-19 restrictions at the start of June would bring growth in the consumption of services in the third quarter of this year.To read the digital edition of IPE’s latest magazine click here. Emergency legislation on pension fund solvency – which has been drawn up but not yet enacted – is not needed for now, said Finnish pensions alliance TELA, because occupational pension providers’ financial situations have improved since the depths of the pandemic crisis.However, Finland’s financial regulator has announced it will continue with the intensified reporting schedule it put in place for pension funds this spring.Hanna Mäkinen, mathematician at TELA, the lobby group for providers in Finland’s earnings-related pension system, said: “In the light of the latest solvency figures, it does not seem that there is a justified need to pass a bill right now.”At the end of April, following a phase when falling asset prices had dented pension fund solvency ratios, the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health prepared a bill on the temporary strengthening of pension insurers’ solvency, which parliament could pass at short notice if average solvency took a sudden dive.last_img read more

State Readies PPE Marketplace to Support Hoosier Small Businesses

first_imgStatewide– Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced a new marketplace for personal protective equipment that will serve as an added resource for Indiana small businesses returning to work in the coming weeks. The Indiana Small Business PPE Marketplace, which is expected to launch next week, will ensure reliable access to PPE for small businesses and nonprofits lacking the resources needed to comply with safe workplace guidance during the reopening. The Marketplace will leverage PPE that is being manufactured and sourced by Indiana businesses across the state to help support supplies. In order to be eligible to utilize the Marketplace, an organization must:Be a business or nonprofit organization registered to do business in Indiana with the Indiana Secretary of State;Employ less than 150 associates; andBe identified in the reopening plan as an entity that must use PPE as a condition of operating in order to comply with safe workplace requirements.All businesses and nonprofits are encouraged to first source and procure PPE on their own with the Marketplace serving as an alternate backstop for employers. While the state will make every effort to provide needed supplies, it cannot guarantee the integrity of the PPE supply chain due to increasing demands worldwide. All requests will be evaluated and fulfilled based on the work environment risk profile, stock availability, and the number of outstanding requests. At times, partial or delayed fulfillment of requests may occur.last_img read more

We need to improve – Ireland hooker Richardt Strauss

first_imgRichardt Strauss believes the wake-up call of two Test match defeats will be enough to shock Ireland back into top form at the World Cup. Press Association Leinster hooker Strauss branded Ireland’s consecutive defeats to Wales and England “pretty disappointing” but vowed Joe Schmidt’s men will now switch on when it matters most. Ireland open their World Cup Pool D campaign by taking on Canada in Cardiff on Saturday week, with Strauss expecting a quickfire upswing in performance. “We’d rather go into the competition knowing that we have to improve and be sharp than going in complacent and get an awakening in the tournament, when it’s too late,” said Strauss. “At least we’re going in now knowing that we have to work hard and there’s stuff to work on, that we have to be on point in everything we do. “There’s loads of room for improvement for us and I think it will only get better and better the more time we spend together as a group of 31. “Lads can get more time together now. There are some combinations that haven’t played a lot together, so we’re looking forward to the campaign.” Ireland lost out 16-10 to Wales in Dublin in Paul O’Connell’s final Test match at the Aviva Stadium, before slipping up 21-13 to England at Twickenham on Saturday. Schmidt’s men have now dropped from an all-time high second in the world rankings to sixth, according to the latest standings released by World Rugby this week. South Africa-born front-rower Strauss believes Ireland’s recent problems are all a series of small fixes that can be remedied in time for the World Cup kick-off. “The last two games are pretty disappointing,” said Strauss. “There’s definitely stuff we have to work on, stuff we aren’t happy with. “In general I think we can see that the way we’re going about stuff and the direction we’re going in is what we’re looking to do. “There are positives in that. There’s a lot of stuff we looked at this morning that wasn’t nice to see, but that’s stuff to be worked on in the next couple of weeks before the Canada game. “It’s all stuff we’ve done before and I think it’s stuff we have to work on. “We made a lot of individual errors that we have to work on ourselves. “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel: it’s small stuff we have to fix. “It is right across the park but it is fixable.” last_img read more

The Magnetic power of Sports needed more than ever

first_imgBy Ras WadadaTHROUGHOUT the history of mankind, the magnetic power of sports has been recorded and proven as a vehicle to bridge gaps, heal wounds and more importantly to unify people, regardless of ethnicity, creed or language – underlining the magnetic powers of Sports.Just over a week ago, our country was plunged into a state of shock and disbelief at the gruesome murder of two teenagers of African descent. The outrage and repercussions that subsequently followed included more related deaths, disorder, mayhem and the recurring question – how can we heal these deep wounds?Despite the recent chaotic situation in West Berbice not being sports-related, some 11 heads of National Sports Associations/Federations saw it necessary to come together and make a joint statement to appeal to the nation.GBA president Steve NinvalleThe virtual meeting via today’s modern technology-based Zoom is unprecedented and is more than commendable, but beyond the narrative there must be action. As the old adage goes – action speaks louder than words.  .The Zoom linkup was the brainchild of Wayne Forde, president of Guyana Football Federation (GFF), and in an invited comment to Chronicle Sport, he said, “We do have a national platform and if we are afraid to take the risk of being criticised at a dark and pivotal moment for trying to do the right thing, then I would say – that in itself is a failure of leadership.”The GFF boss suggestively added that, “Sports is the World’s oldest unifier – tried and tested for centuries. What is also true is: once the celebration or anguish of the moment subsides, we instinctively go back to a world that is still searching for fairness, justice, equality and respect for all. To change this, it would perhaps take more than what sports have to offer.“If we can all commit to a standard set of values that will become integral to our respective grassroots programmes – values that can shape how we see and treat each other from the earliest stages of a child’s development – then that might just be the beginning of something good. This is the role sports can play.”The question that was posited by the writer of this article to most of the heads was – ‘Is there a possibility that the 11 Associations/Federations can combine their expertise in using sports as a medium to build the broken bridges created within the communities that have been affected?’In response there is a general consensus in the affirmative but the stumbling block currently is the global pandemic – COVID-19.President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), Steve Ninvalle in his response declared, “Intentionally or unintentionally sports. regardless of the specific discipline, unites a Nation. I welcome and applaud such initiative and assure that the GBA stands ready to play its part, once all is done within the mandate of the Health Ministry’s COVID-19 guidelines.“We sometimes underestimate the potential of sport. At this critical juncture we need all hands on deck, and that being said, there needs to be cogent conversations and discussions on how to unleash the full potential and force of sports in an effort to bring about healing and change”.President of the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA), Godfrey Monroe, in his response opined, “I can say, on behalf of the GTTA and more particularly in my capacity as president, I truly endorse the value of sports in bringing common understanding among people of different backgrounds. “There are numerous examples of sports providing the basis for understanding, healing, respect, excellence, healthy relationships, team work, camaraderie, morality, integrity, hope and as a key communication tool. “Table tennis helped in resolving a major world crisis between China and the USA in the early 70s called ‘Ping-pong diplomacy’ where our own George Braithwaite played a meaningful role. I am therefore committed in the short-, medium- and long-term to lend support and resources towards using the sport of table tennis as a vehicle for meaningful change in the affected communities.”“Hockey is fully in support. Sports has created so many bonds for me with people of all walks of life, and I believe it is a powerful tool which can be used to build bridges and develop meaningful relationships,” stated Philip Fernandes, president of Guyana Hockey Board.While there could be nothing to totally comfort the family and villagers of the undeserved lost souls, this critical moment provides a golden opportunity to promote a lasting, positive memory through a cavalcade of sports, among the affected communities, on an annual basis.A pertinent quote from British Sports Psychologist, Michael Caulfield – “Sports, especially football, can provide joy and escapism in times of crisis. Sports is a force and power for good. It is the glue of society that binds schools, villages, cities and nations. It matters more than we can think and we should not belittle its impact”.The other Heads of National Sports Associations and Federations, who held the historic meeting on September 10, were: Aubrey Hutson (Athletics), David Fernandes (Squash), Michael Singh (Basketball), Gowkaran Ramdhani, Aleem Hussain (Golf), Gavin Singh (Mixed Martial Arts) and Samuel Barakat (Tennis).Of significance, and to emphasise the unifying force of sports, one does not have to go too far back in history, (one which I am privileged to have lived and enjoyed), to recall the West Indies Cricket Team’s dominance of the World between the mid-seventies and early nineties. It is the most unified period in the history of the Caribbean region as a people.last_img read more

USG approves funding to aid DACA students

first_imgAdrian Hernandez | Daily TrojanOn Tuesday night, the USG Senate approved the allocation of $10,000 for students affected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program policy change that will help fund their reapplication fee.After President Donald Trump’s announcement to phase out DACA, Dunn urged decisive action.“I will make it my absolute personal mission to ensure that every student’s needs are met,” Dunn said.Dunn credited the writing of the DACA proposal to Vanessa Gomez Brake, the associate dean of religious life. The proposal states, “With the latest news from the White House, the emergency fund is as important as ever.” Dunn also highlighted prescribed actions for DACA students in the proposal.“Any USC students who are already on DACA and have a renewal date in the next six months are being instructed to complete their renewal documentation before Oct. 5 of this year,” the proposal said.The reapplication fee for DACA students is $500, and the $10,000 will be distributed to students for whom this cost is a heavy burden.The senate also confirmed USG President Austin Dunn’s Chief Justice nominee, Charlynn Yeung. Last week, Dunn nominated Yeung to be the new chief justice of USC Student Judicial Affairs, pending Senate approval. She was confirmed unanimously by the Senate Tuesday night without debate or dissent.Dunn also detailed some of the issues that he has been working on personally. One of the central issues that he hopes to address is sexual assault prevention.“We want to educate our student leaders of our over 100 student organizations on campus to be effective bystanders,” Dunn said.An ambitious goal that Dunn presented was more effective utilization of space on campus. However, he acknowledged, that it will be complicated.“It is probably going to be the most difficult project I’ve worked on,” Dunn said. He explained, though, that the aim is focused.“The ultimate goal is just to meet the needs of every single community or student that needs a resource center or lounge,” Dunn said.last_img read more

Guyana court rules against government. Government to appeal to CCJ

first_imgThe Caribbean Court of Justice GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CMC – The Guyana government says it intends to challenge all the way to the country’s “highest court of appeal”, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ),  the ruling of acting Chief Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire that the motion of no confidence passed in the National Assembly on December 21 last year is valid.In a brief statement late on Thursday night, the David Granger-led coalition government said it had taken “note and respects” the ruling handed down earlier during the day.Due process continues “The ruling is not in favor of the Government’s position with regard to the vote on December 21st 2018 however due process continues and the Government will file an appeal in the Court of Appeal. The government continues to believe that the full adjudication of this issue is in the national interest,” the statement said.Under the Guyana Constitution elections must be held within 90 days of the motion of no confidence being passed.Justice George-Wiltshire delivered her ruling in the three matters regarding the validity of the successful opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) motion of no confidence.Last month she heard the arguments in the cases “Compton Reid vs The Attorney General, Persaud and The Speaker of the National Assembly; Christopher Ram vs The Attorney General and Speaker of the National Assembly and the Attorney General vs The Speaker of the National Assembly and the Opposition Leader.The matters arose after the then government back bencher, Charrandass Persaud, who holds both Guyana and Canadian citizenship voted with the PPP in the 65-member National Assembly where the coalition government had previously enjoyed a slender one seat majorIn a near four-hour ruling, Justice George-Wiltshire also said that anyone who holds dual citizenship as envisaged by Article 155 of the Guyana Constitution “should not and could not be” a member of the Guyana Parliament.Attorney General Basil Williams had argued there was a miscalculation of the majority of all elected members as required under Article 106 (6) of the Constitution for the government to be defeated on a vote of no confidence.He had also asked the court to determine  whether Resolution 101 is constitutional and effective and passed in accordance Article 106 (6) of the Constitution, arguing that the failure to obtain 34 or more votes breached article 106 (6) of the Constitution and was unlawful and the certification by the speaker by issuing Resolution 101 could not be conclusive.”But in her ruling in which she made the differentiation between a “simple” and “absolute” majority, the Acting Chief Justice said if all 65 members voted, the majority is 33.Status Quo remains In the statement on Thursday night, the government said “until the matter is concluded at the highest court of appeal the status quo remains and the business of government continues as usual”“The government reassures the Guyanese people that it will continue to act in accordance with the constitution of Guyana,” the statement added.In his submissions, the Attorney General had said that the framers of the Constitution in article 70 (3), having guaranteed an elected government, a five years term of office which five years term is protected by entrenchment by the requirement of 2/3 of all the elected members of the National Assembly voting to reduce that five years, could not at the same time have intended that a future Parliament were to be permitted to abridge or curtail the enjoyment of that five years, by introducing into the Constitution via a provision that is not entrenched at all a process called a ‘vote of confidence.”But in her ruling the judge disagreed with the argument. The coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) came to office in 2015.last_img read more

VIDEO: Watch Highlights Of Jose Mourinho Goalkeeping Performance In Game 4 Grenfell

first_imgManchester United manager, Jose Mourinho switched from being on the sidelines to being in between the sticks as he played as a goal keeper in a charity match on Saturday.Jose Mourinho highlights at Game4Grenfell – fair playTEXT GRENFELL to 70007 to donate#Game4Grenfell #GameForGrenfell #mufc pic.twitter.com/t6TRbGHAne— YNFA (@ynfafootball) September 2, 2017With Les Ferdinand and Alan Shearer as managers of both teams, Game 4 Grenfell is a charity match organized to raise funds and pay tribute to victims of the horrible Grenfell Tower fire last June.Jose Mourinho’s team lost the game on penalties as the Portuguese failed to save any of the shootouts.Video Credit: Twitter.com – YNFA‏ RelatedMourinho In Bust-Up With Two United Players – ReportsFebruary 18, 2018In “England”Mirko EramoJune 30, 2017Similar postMourinho Blames Players For Starting Matches SlowlyNovember 27, 2018In “England”last_img read more